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My Gift To You

My Special Gift to You!

Here’s a reward for people like yourself who have taken action and downloaded my free report:

The 7 Imagination Misuses: Discover the Major Mental Blocks that Stop Success“.

I know you are busy and strapped for time, which is why I figured you would appreciate getting my report: The 7 Imagination Misuses Audio in MP3 Format.

(click on the link above to listen to the MP3 or ‘Right Click‘ and press “Save Link As…” to save it on your hard drive)

Now you can listen to it while exercising, driving in your car, working on the computer or cooking in the kitchen. Simply transfer this file over to your portable mp3 player such as an iPod or iPhone.  This way you can pause when needed, repeat key points, and listen to it as many times as you find helps.

If you have read my report then you understand that it is your imagination that holds the key to success. If you expect to get to the next level in your life then you first must clear your mind of any major mental blocks that are holding you back. The more you learn and really understand these misuses the better.

Download Your Free MP3 Audio Recording of The 7 Imagination Misuses

Until you conquer your imagination misuse, your mind will continue to attract similar situations, people, and events into your life that sabotage your success.  This is because that is exactly what your imagination is programmed to do!  Haven’t you lived with your unhealthy habits, unproductive behaviors and suffering long enough?

Get your special audio copy of The 7 Imagination Misuses

Imagine. Inspire. Ignite.
Russ Small,
Your Imagination Coach