Animal Odd Couples

We are all one.

One organism.

One life.

One love.

Without borders, without separation.

The reminder of this unity is always apparent in animal odd couples.

No matter if you come across a person, place or thing you will be able to find both differences and similarities to yourself. This is because you are a part of the world and the world is a part of you.

Everything that you perceive in your world is a reflection of the being inside of you.

Learning to see past our differences takes a trained eye because we have been brought up separate in a world of illusion.

We came to this planet to experience everything, including every intense emotion, including the sensation of separateness.

During this adventure some people forget the truth, that we are not our experiences or emotions. 

Only when you see through the veiled-illusion of reality can you get a glimpse into your true nature.

The following videos have been collected around the world designed with a common purpose.

To educate, empower and enlighten the viewer.

At the very least the following hand-picked selection of videos will help you remember we aren’t that different after-all.

Until next time, follow your bliss! 


Animal Odd Couple – Elephant and Dog

Animal Odd Couples – Misc. Collection of Pictures

Animal Odd Couples – Golden Retriever and White Tiger

Animal Odd Couples – Chihuahua and Squirrel

Animal Odd Couple – Cat and Crow

Animal Odd Couples – Baby Tigers and Orangutan Babies