A Couple Conscious Coincidences (Part 1)

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Today I experienced the awareness of a couple of interesting experiences in regards to timing and I thought it would make a good discussion on the topic of “coincidences”.

For lunch today I enjoyed a very tasty pork-chop on steam riced meal in a new Vietnamese restaurant in Marda Loop. This resturant has only been open for 3 weeks, a welcomed bonus in my world because the next closest alternative is many miles away.

After I paid for the meal I briefly debated on whether to run some errands with my companion under the blue sky or head back home and get some more work done alone.

The decision was tough but eventually decided to head home, being busy as of late with lots of project on the go that needed attending.

When I returned home I immediately checked the mail and admit I was somewhat disappointed that I hadn’t received a package I had been expecting.

However, simultaneous with my dissatisfaction the inner awareness inside of me observed the following thought:

“Unrealistic expectations and attachment are the two greatest sources of unhappiness.”

As I reflected over the reason as to my current dismay I thought about the package.

The package I was “expecting” was actually suppose to arrive anywhere from 7 to 10 days.

If “by chance” the package arrived it would have been a pleasant surprise to receive it so soon.

<< Rewind to Two Day’s Earlier

When the order for this package was negotiated the representative advised that it would take approximately 2 weeks to arrive. 

The item was important and because of that:

I could have been “justified” in making a big deal about my “need” to receive the package sooner.

I could have easily played the victim, and wondered “why me”

I could have easily started the interogation method: “who’s in charge, I want to speak to them now”

However I made the decision to not to engage in anything less than a solution using my positive intentions. 

My positive intention was to provide the company with the benefit of the doubt rather than assume the worst.

I focused my manifesting energy on a solution that would see me happy, most likely because the company had “over-delivered” on their customer service commitment.

>> Fast forward to Today

Today after coming home from a lunch to a mailbox without the package, I became aware of my attachment to the arrival of it.

In noticing that it wasn’t where I was looking, I negated the opportunity for it to arrive.

I was able to release the expectation that the company would instead use “priority mail” and the thought that it “should” have been here in just two days from the States.

I let go of my attachment and accepted that it would arrive when it did, no sooner or no later.

Within 2 minutes the UPS delivery worker rang my door bell and I was signing for the package from the company.

Here’s my thoughts:

Do you believe in coincidences?

Would my timing, thoughts and behaviours be considered a coincidence in your books?

Is it a coincidence that I chose to go directly home after lunch on this a bright sunny day?

Is it a coincidence that I was thinking about the package before it arrived when I first checked the mailbox?

Is it a coincidence that within short moments of “letting go” of the attachment and expectation the package manifested?

Tune in for Part 2 of this post where I will tell you if my intention to talk to a former work colleague worked.

What are your thoughts? Share with your comments.

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