Want Some Advice From a Billionaire??

By · January 1, 2008 · Filed in Awareness, Business

Happy New Year People!

It’s funny that no matter where you are, who you were, who you want to be, or who you are now today, today for us all my friends, is a new day! No matter how tall or small, how rich or how poor you are this moment is yours and I’m glad your spending it with me.

Oh yes I almost forgot to mention the other small change that came along with today… Officially it has now become no longer fashionable to date things with the year “2007”. Some remain unaware of this change, you can spot some of these elusive rebels by looking for tell-tale signs of forehead slapping actions and the classic “oops”-scribble-initial-blush when writing out cheques. Ok ok, let’s not pick on anyone who must be the originators of the phrase “not with the times”, since time is all relative and the anyone might be one of your relatives :p

And speaking of time, I thought the time was right to share some timeless advice that I learned recently from talking to a Billionaire. He boiled his success and his resiliency to be able to build and rebuild his fortune to just 3 points, they are in order they were given to me:

  1. The only opinion that matters of you is your own.
  2. Everything is a choice, choose wisely.
  3. Find forgiveness, start with yourself.

I believe all three are essential elements requires to balance yourself in harmonic order with the natural vibrations of good health and good fortune. Since today is a new day regardless of whether you celebrated it last night or not, and it also remains true that you have been blessed with another day to acknowledge your gifts and the things you take for granted.

Go for it. Don’t hesitate or wait to be great, just be it. I believe in you!

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