Changing Negative Talk to Positive Phrases

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What is within, so without. Our inner world creates the outer circumstance and shapes the events that we experience. Our inner world consists of our thoughts, and beliefs. A belief is a thought with a feeling associated with it. We can consciously choose to change either our thoughts and beliefs at any time and by doing so we can improve the quality of our experiences.

Every time we possess a feeling or experience an emotion – of any kind- we have chosen it. If we chose to feel negatively and believe a thought – then we have chosen to be a product of bad thinking. A thought can produce an emotion only if you believe it to be true. Believe it or not holding onto a thought and creating a feeling is a choice, just like it’s our choice to insert a new one.

Like water that overflows when it is being displaced from a container, the human mind can only hold one thought at a time. We tend to believe the mind holds more because it functions so rapidly. This is just an illusion of your experience. The truth is you can displace any unsupportive thought in the conscious mind with a more positive or productive affirmation. With practice you can begin to do this at any time.

To intercept stinking thinking before it lowers your confidence you need to become aware of our internal dialogue, or self-talk, you have with yourself. Listen to your self-talk and what you are saying to yourself inside your head. What do you tell yourself? In what tone of voice? How does it make you feel?

What you project forth into the world reflects back. This is also known as what goes around comes around and the notion of Karma. If you express love and you will receive love. Be respectable and gain respect. How do you expect to love if you do not first love yourself? How do you expect to treat others with respect if you don’t respect yourself foremost?

Pay attention to your self-talk daily. Are you a nurturing coach or a alarming critic? Do you reinforce your own success or negate it? Does your internal dialogue help grow your results or shrink your potential? Do your thoughts magnetize or de-magnetize your ability to attract success?

Here are 21 common self-talk phrases, how do you speak to yourself most often?

1. What if I try and fail?

1. This will work for me!

2. This is difficult…

2. Challenges are made to overcome!

3. I can’t do that…

3. I’ll do that and to the best of my ability!

4. If only I were ____ I would

4. Because I am _____ I will do this

5. Why does this always happen?

5. Good things always happen to me

6. I never get anything right…

6. I always learn from my mistakes and failures

7. I’m stuck in this rut…

7. Now is a great time to get into a new groove!

8. I’m such a screw-up

8. I like myself

9. I wish I had _____

9. _____  is on the way!

10. There goes another opportunity…

10. Things always turn out for the best

11. I’ll never get there…

11. I am stretching towards my biggest goals

12. I am cursed

12. I am blessed

13. Why doesn’t this happen for me?

13. That’s more like it!

14. He’ll / She’ll never change

14. I will change so I am bigger than the problem

15. My kids don’t respect me

15. I will work to become a more effective parent

16. I can’t lose weight

16. I can eat healthier

17. My boss ignores me

17. I always strive for excellence

18. Why don’t I ever get a break?

18. I am not a helpless victim

19. I have no time to exercise

19. I will make time to exercise

20. I’ll never get out of debt

20. I take small steps each day towards my financial goals

21. He / She never listens

21. I need to better understand him/her

Now that you are aware of what you could say differently, strive to make positive self-talk a habit. You can always beat yourself up or build yourself up at anytime with the words you talk to yourself. Drop me a line and let me know your power phrase that makes you feel good, or what you did to eliminate stinking-thinking from stealing your confidence.

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[…] Looking for a way to start changing your self-talk? Check out: […]

[…] Looking for a way to start changing your self-talk? Check out: […]

[…] Looking for a way to start changing your self-talk? Check out: […]

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