Ending Depression, Stopping Medications and Starting To Live Again

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Good Day All,

I am honored that you are reading these very words as I know the connection that we share in this moment is NO coincidence.

The fact that you are reading this right now means that you are either well on the way to overcoming your battle with depression, or are interested in helping someone close to you do triumph.

Please allow me to briefly share my experience with depression in hopes that it might resonate with you coming from another person who’s battled back from darkness of despair to now breathe light and love.

Depression and anxiety are both sides of the same ugly coin. Each face would like to have us believe that we are less than perfect beings, less than whole souls, and not worthy of living in abundance and greatness.

The specifics of my battle with depression are not pertinent other than I was diagnosed and prescribed with anti-depressants for a few years. The day I started my medications I knew something was wrong when one of the side effects listed was “suicide”. It was at this time that I knew I was looking outside for an answer to solve something that resided within inside me all along.

With just a glimmer of hope inside I continued with my medications, feeling the heavy effects on my conscious thought, the startling side effects on my body and brain, and the tenacious torment on my soul, all along knowing deep inside that the answer (or cure) was only a matter of the right information.

Depression is like being lost in a maze of madness and despair, where the walls seem to get taller each day and the options for getting out seem to be more restricted each moment.

Despite being tired, lonely and lost, I chose to believe that at any time of any day I could stumble across “the map” towards a way out.

It was almost 3 years later that I found that piece of information that solved the riddle for me, the map to gave me peace to navigate myself out of the maze.

It was that day upon finding “my inner map” that I stopped my medications cold turkey, which I’ve since learned is not recommended to do. But because I didn’t think, know, or believe in any limits at the time, and I only had a belief inside that I could return to wholeness, my world began to once again reflect wholeness and in doing so, I released my need to have a solution soaking in side-effects be my only hope.

It was in those dark moments that I received the greatest gift of my life, the ability to tell this story and connect with people like yourself and give them hope.

It was in those dark moments that the seeds for helping others was planted and it was through nurturing my return to wholeness that the Success Sensei was born.

And it is my hope that you take advantage of this moment where we share a connection through the words you just read and contact me with any questions, concerns, or thoughts on how I could be a part of your return to greatness. The Success Sensei is passionate about taking a look at all the wonderful self-help options available and using my intuition, empathy, and personal experiences to help find the tools and techniques that will help your breakthrough your burden of bad and bogus beliefs.

I know you’re out there and you don’t have to be alone. Lets get better together!

Forward Towards Success

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