Law of Attraction Story – Manifesting My Lost License

By · May 20, 2008 · Filed in Awareness, Intention, Manifesting

This past weekend was a long weekend for us Canadians and I have always enjoyed a great time during it. When I was younger I often went camping, only to learn from experience that it usually snows for the May long weekend. So this year we stayed in the city for the most part because we had a wedding planned and were going to Deepak Chopra on the holiday Monday.

After having a fun Friday and super Saturday I realized on Sunday evening that I had lost my drivers license. I checked the usual spots, my pant pockets, wallets, inside of my suits, car, bathroom, anywhere and everywhere that this thing could possible be misplaced. After re-searching the aforementioned locations about three times each I finally confided to myself that I had “misplaced” my license. Knowing that I have been able to manifest almost anything that I’ve lost before I decided to try the manifestation system again.

The first step for summoning the power of the Law of Attraction is belief. The degree in which you believe you will attract what you desire is strongly correlated with the amount of time it takes to manifest. I have been fortunate enough to have a running track record of manifesting things, so I knew that this license was not lost, rather it was misplaced. In order to summon my license I didn’t want to “hope” it came back, I had to “know” it would.

The second step in working with Manifestation is to picture the end result. For me, this meant picturing me carrying on as normal, looking inside my wallet to see my license. I also remembered the same picture I had on my license, rather than envisioning me having to take another photo at the registry. To really kick up the power I added emotion to my visualization, feeling content, pleased and happy that my license was back.

Third I released my intention out to the Universe and let them take care of the details. By details what I mean is figuring out who I had to call, where I had to drive, who would find it, where it was, etc… Those were all insignificant details because that is the domain of the Universe. Did I worry about not finding it, of course, I can’t drive without it. Did I still try and be proactive about finding it, yes, in fact I called the restaurant of the wedding I went to and asked them if anyone had turned it in but unfortunately no one had.

After releasing my intention to the Universe I went about my day today. I enjoyed a great day in the sun, doing yard work and getting the garden up to par. About mid-way through the day I checked my facebook account and was surprised to find what I did. I had a couple messages from friends, clients and groups I belonged to but the one message was from a woman I didn’t recognize. That isn’t to say that I recognize everyone that messages me on facebook, but I didn’t recognize the picture or name.

Her name was Rosa and this angel had found my license in the parking lot of the movie theatre that I went to on Sunday and taken the time to look me up on facebook and drop me a line. She asked if she could mail me my license or if I wanted her to destroy it at the registry. Wow! In a couple day from writing this I will be in possession of my license. Would I have ever imagined someone would find it and use facebook to contact me? Never in a million years! Which is why I emphasize that you don’t need to worry about the details, only the end result.

This is one of my many manifesting stories and as always I love to hear your comments, feedback and questions about manifesting using the Law of Attraction. Whether you have lost something and want it back or never had something and want it for the first time manifestation, when done correctly, can bring you everything you dream.

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