Manifested A Meeting Without Doing Anything?

By · March 28, 2008 · Filed in Awareness, Intention, Manifesting

When I was out for lunch with a friend a number of months back, we dined at a restaurant with a more casual atmosphere. In fact, the server even had time to sit down and chat with us, which definitely made the mealtime wait seem a lot shorter. Whether that was an intentional move on their part in hopes for a bigger tip or just a random genuinely friendly event only they know, however what I do remember is connecting with this person on their education.

Most people who work in the service industry are paid well, although the work hard for that money and many of them are students trying to put themselves through schooling. This was the case with our server, who was looking forward to winding down their restaurant career now that they had finally graduated. I congratulated them and told them that my girlfriend was already working in the industry they were getting into and that they should get together and talk one day because they had the same specific interests.

I shared the story of the server with my girlfriend when I got home that day and without anyway to get a hold of the server, set aside returning to the restaurant, four months passed by without either of us thinking twice about it again. That was until my girlfriend got home from work today, she had been training students and people doing their practicum, which coincidentally the former server was now doing. What was neat is that my girlfriend doesn’t normally work at this particular location, yet on this particular occassion she had taken a shift that resulted in them meeting one another.

Perhaps it is a coincidence, or perhaps our intentions are answered by the Universe using in the best “accounting” system ever created. When the student is ready the teacher will appear, which I think applies to this situation and how it ended up unfolding. People come into our lives when we resonate the same frequency, so timing is everything in terms of manifesting. I believe the more open we are to allowing the process to evolve naturally the more accurate results we will receive. 

What else did I learn from this experience? By taking the principal of having a “high” expectation and a “low” attachment to the outcome. Have a high expectation that things will go your way in every situation and keep a low attachment to how things turn out. In my example, sure it would have been nice if I could have gotten those two talking sooner, however, allowing nature to take it’s course and releasing the introduction to the universe it happened eventually anyway.

Do you think this was a “small world” coincedence or does the universe support intention? Send me your comments.

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