Manifesting First Place

Have you ever participated in one of those “gift exchanges” during the holiday season? Last year my girlfriend and I participated in at least a few different ones. Among each group there are different rules and each group usually has a different way to run the exchange.

The main idea behind the exchange is to purchase a gift under a certain dollar amount. You wrap this gift and it is “exchanged” at the party for another wrapped gift. The idea is that no one knows exactly what they are getting, until they open it. Most variations of this game have a rule which allows people that play after you to “steal” your gift. Because of this rule, selecting the position in which you open your gift is a crucial part of the game. There is no glory in going first in this game.

At one such exchange with my family my cousin and I had a friendly bet to see who could draw the best card. I went first and drew the “Ace” or “#1” card, which usually means that I am going first in the exchange. My cousin managed to see the cards before picking it, and choose a “Jack” or “#13” card, and since this was a higher number than my ace, it would mean he would have the pick of the litter in terms of presents.

However, I want to mention the one thing that I had going for me that my cousin didn’t at the time…. This thing is a force to be reckoned with, the force known as “Intention”. My intention during this friendly competition was to draw the best card that would allow the best overall position in the game. Since my cousin drew a number that was higher than mine, this bet was all but over when the following rule was announced.

The rule (derived independently from my influence) was that although every one drew cards the next part would be to draw the existing number from a main pile. This now meant that the Ace was not the worst card in the deck and had equal chance to be the best card in the deck. As I noted this rule change I realized that my intention to get the best card was still alive and unfolding as the game went on.

Not only did my cousins card get drawn within the first few people, but my ace was able to ride the wave and in the end I was able to obtain the very last position. Since I was the last person to choose the presents I had the advantage that I could choose from every one’s opened present to get the gift that I wanted. Not only did the situation reverse from the start, the rules even changed to make the intention I wished to manifest possible.

The point of this post is for you to realize that it is never too late to intend a better future and it is ALWAYS too soon too quit. What have you given up on recently that a Life Coach could help you get back? What in your life did you intend to do at one point but got stuck somewhere along the way? Are you new to manifesting and would like to start with some simple tools and tips? Check out my coaching programs.

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