Manifesting a Friend’s Phone Call

By · November 3, 2008 · Filed in Awareness

Today while I was working I felt the thought of one of Eden’s friends come over me. The thought I had in my mind was that this mutual friend wanted to speak to Eden and had the feeling I was supposed to get Eden to call. What was interesting and unique about this thought was that is was someone who didn’t have a history of talking to Eden. Being aware of this in the moment, I also realized that this thought couldn’t be acted upon until Eden got home from work anyway. I just filled it in the back of my head and went on with my work.

Later in the afternoon when Eden returned home we had a good talk and I remember to mention the thought I had about her friend. After I tell her she tells me that she too had been thinking about that friend, around the same time as me! Eden then took out her phone and noticed that she missed call. She checks her voice mail and discovers that her friends’ husband had phoned and left a message saying that his wife was mentioning her the other day and that he phoned to see if we all wanted to get together.

This was an unexpected suprise because this was the first time that either one of them had phoned Eden, even though they both had the number and were mutual friends for some time. Was my thought earlier in the day just a weird chance occurance? While admittedly I didn’t predict that her husband would call, somehow I was able to “detect” that her friend wanted to reach her. Coincidence?

Speaking of coincidence, later that day I brought up another friend of Eden’s that she hasn’t heard from in a while. This friend was one of Eden’s closest friends and they actually lived together at one time. Due to conflicting schedules they have seen each other about 3 times in the past 2 years. This time, the thought that I had was I wondered if her friend had gotten back together with an old ex-boyfriend.

Now that might not seem strange to you, but considering that I’ve only met her friend twice over the last couple years should tell you that I don’t know her or what she is likely to do. Also, this girl has had at least one serious long-term boyfriend in-between the relationship that I was referring to. So to assume that she was with this old boyfriend versus the most recent one was a seemingly weird and random guess to make. Either way Eden wasn’t sure what the answer to my question was and we continued on to another topic.

A couple days later Eden returns home after a wonderful time spent going over to this girl friends house. Over the afternoon of catching up her friend explains to Eden how she is “sort of” seeing her ex-boyfriend, however not the most current one but the ex that I was thinking about! You might think the was some hint or indication that this might be likely but I don’t even know what either ex-boyfriend looks like and definitely am not sure if either relationship was good or bad.

What I do know is that these thoughts came across earlier in the week before the answers appeared. However the answers themselves have pointed back to some interesting “coincidences”. Was it just a coincidence that I managed to think of both my girlfriend’s friend and aquintance on two different instances? How about the specific nature of the information, like one wanting her to call, and the other getting back together with an ex-boyfriend?

Even though the information didn’t even make sense to me at the time I was still aware of it. The truth is that experiences like these happen all the time and accordinly have led me on the path to discover amazing answers. This journey has allowed me to understand the fundamental mechanics of how things happen, although I am still searching for information on how this type of information transfer occurs.

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