Manifesting a Lost Phone

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Have you ever lost something that you wanted to get back? How about something that had valuable and important information such as your contacts and phone numbers? The feeling of misplacing your wallet, house keys or cellphone is an unsettling idea, until you realize that you can get it all back instantly without having to search for it! If you have ever lost something or currently have something lost then you will definitely want to continue reading.

One day a client of mine recently lost her cell phone after realizing that she left it at work. When I first talked to her she was distraught, upset and blaming herself for being so careless. She believed that she knew where she left her phone but wasn’t completely sure that it would still be there. What was even more disturbing for her was in realizing that this was the second time in less than 6 months that she had completely lost her phone!

The last time that she lost her phone she went back looking for it and managed to come across a man who recognized her passing by from the her picture on her cellphone and came out of the restaurant to give it back! Well that was then and this was now, and what’s interesting to note is that even though she had a history of being able to miraculously manifest her cell phone back the first time, her mind’s “default” tendency was still to worry, judge and blame. The mind created all this drama and despair despite the fact that the evidence from her last experience would suggest that she shouldn’t worry.

Remembering that we had worked through the previous manifestation challenge on a lost item together I gently redirected her to her previous experience in order to build confidence in her ability. From a higher state of focus and confidence I then told her to apply the exact same principals that she learned to get her phone back the first time. Committed to getting her phone back she took the advice to heart and immediately began focusing on what she did want. She pictured herself with a great big smile leaving the hospital about to make a phone call.

Once she had a clear and vivid picture of the end result in mind, she took off towards her place of work to search for her phone. She immediately checked the place that she thought it would be and to her disappointment it just wasn’t there. Not to be disheartened she kept looking and eventually found herself at the security desk. The security officer just smiled as she routed through the lost and found, as if knowing that she would find what she was looking for. In a matter of moments my client was re-united with her cell phone and calling me to tell me it worked!

If you have ever lost anything that you want back the first step is to let go of it. This is a hard step to do because if you wanted it in the first place how can you just let it go so easy. However, you may have heard the saying “If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you, it was truly meant to be”. This quote is very appropriate to the process of manifesting and is the hardest for most people to grasp. The main goal to keep in mind is to have a mind that has the highest intentions with the least expectations. When we put our mental state into this zone we experience the effortless manifestation of our dreams and desires.

What would you like to manifest more of in your life? If you are unsure of this answer then the next best question to ask yourself is… What would you like to manifest less of in your life. Don’t be afraid to start with things you don’t want in order to help you get more clear on what you do want. When you are clear about your end vision, and act with faith towards that vision the Universe can do nothing else but supply you with what you desire. Try to attract something small today by using the tips in this article and see what you can immediately manifesting.


I love how you say the first step in finding a lost item is to let it go. I have a similar belief. I believe to many people cling to the idea of where an item should be because they are so sure of where they left it. They don’t allow there mind to be open to where it actually is. If they let go of their belief of where they think the item is, it allows them to be open to the possibility of where it actually is. I have a great prayer on my we site I use to find lost items. I works like a charm every time.

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