Manifesting a Muscle Cramp

By · January 27, 2009 · Filed in Awareness, Change, Information, Renewing

If you have ever experienced a muscle cramp in your legs it is not a pleasant feeling. Before the New Year I finished the last game of ball hockey in pain, as I was overcome by one of these cramps. In the New Year I promised myself to do whatever it takes to stop this habit from forming.

The first thing that I did was visualize a great game of hockey. While it wasn’t specifically visualizing NOT having a cramp, the point was to visualize the end result of a game well-played. This step assumes that a game cannot be played well if I was injured and thus organizes people and events to produce this result. Whether it was the brand new hockey stick or a result of this visualization process, I scored more goals and got more assists than ever before!

More importantly, I didn’t receive any muscle cramps that game. Not even close. My legs felt limber and I had the energy to run around at seemingly mach speeds. Do you think that my visualization prior to the game had any effect on the outcome? I do… Here’s why…

The very next game after the one without any cramps I forgot to visualize. Well to be more specific, it wasn’t that I forgot to visualize, it is that I visualized running into trouble. Since I knew that this thought wouldn’t benefit me in any way, I tried to replace the thought with the “great game” strategy mentioned above. However, I could feel that my emotion was placed in “resisting” and “avoiding” the pain, not in having a great game. This is an important point, because our experiences (past and future) are encoded by the emotions that we feel when experiencing it.

Since I hadn’t yet experienced the situation, experiencing these emotions acted like a huge magnet that attracted more emotions just like it. Sure enough, by the end of the game my legs were fatiguing and I could tell my legs were tiring out. The worry that I now had about getting a cramp acted to accelerate the process and before you knew it BOTH of my legs cramped up. Up until this point only one leg had been affected, yet somehow, the emotional resistance I felt to getting a cramp seemed to amplify the negative result.

If you experience muscle cramps you might want to check out this blog post for information on how to stretch it out. If you want to step up the mental game you have before playing or exercising then you’ll want to check out my Platinum Coaching Program. There I will take you through the necessary steps to creating the results that you want and avoiding the situations that you don’t want.

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