Manifesting Psychic Ability

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Have you ever manifested an answer right out of thin air?  Have you ever taken a wild guess and found your answer to be right on?

The first time I ever did that was at a Jellybean counting contest. You know the kind… A big glass jar is filled to the brim with jelly beans and your job is to count it. I remember using all my imagination and mental power to try and “calculate” the amount of jelly beans in the jar. It was back in elementary school and it took me about 15 minutes to come up with the answer.

Now I must advise you that I am no mathematician and I didn’t use any logirithms in my calculation. In fact, I didn’t even take the logical approach, which I learned later was to count the number of beans in a column, then the amount of beans in a row and multiply them together by the circumference. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? Yeah, in elementary that was a few too many calculations for me so I just basically guessed.

The amazing part of the story is that not only was I the closest one in my school to guess the correct number of jelly beans, but I had guessed the EXACT total… I remember everyone making a big deal of my calculations and wondering how I could get my number so precise. Besides the buzz around my homeroom, I also had science and math teachers wondering and asking how I did it. I do admit that I loved the attention but there was only one problem, I had no idea myself how I was able to guess the actual number.

Fast forward to the present time and I’m attending a seminar in the beggining of November. The presenter brought up an amazing statistic that had to do with “inner-knowing” in regards to answers that we don’t know. Her example was the following: First you take a portion of population at random and ask them to answer a question, say for instance “What is the total number of dogs found in the United States?”. Some people will tend to answer with numbers that are rather high and some people will answer a conservatively low. However what is amazing is that it is proven that the average answer given by everybody will roughly equal the actual total number of dogs!!!

Isn’t it amazing that even though we often feel that we don’t know the right answers, inherently inside of ourselves we actually really do know it. The only problem is that we often doubt our own abilities, let alone the ability that we all have been given and that is immediate access to our collective consciousness, the all knowing field of information that we are a part of. This interconnected access to information follows us around like a constant Wi-Fi connection in which we are able to download information and answers as required.

I have several examples that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the information that I was “guessing” was actually already “imprinted” and that I was merely reflecting that answer. I’ve guessed random things out of peoples heads, the suit and face value of cards that we’re being dealt, as well as answers that I didn’t know I had within me. One such example happened at a Toastmasters meeting that I recently attended.

At every Toastmasters meeting we have a “Quiz Master” who is in charge of listening to the members and guests talk throughout the evening and quiz them at the end of the night. When the quiz master stood up to give their first question something came over me. Normally I am more formal especially at the meetings, however tonight I felt compelled to blurt out the answer in my head even before it was given. I shouted out “5” as the answer and people laughed at the humour of me guessing before the question was even asked. To everyone’s suprise including my own the question was “How many Grandchildren does this member have” and the answer was actually 5!

Was this a random coincidence that I was able to guess a number out of thin air that just happened to be the right answer? Or could it possibly be that the answer was always up for grabs and I picked it out because I was more open and sensitive to it? Information is all around us constantly, and just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it is not there. To date in my life I’ve had too many instances where this belief has proven to be more tangible than any support for believing in random coincidences. What are your thoughts? Have you experienced anything similar along your journey?


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