Manifesting Safety and Security

By · January 7, 2009 · Filed in Awareness, Balance, Growth

Yesterday on the way to my Toastmasters meeting I almost got in an accident. Although I was successfully able to avoid the situation, I want to share my thoughts in order to help the next person work through anything similar that might come up in their world.

First let me quickly describe how the situation unfolded. I was in the far right lane in a dual lane street driving at about 60km/hour. As I approached the intersection were a batch of cars were in the left hand lane waiting to turn I suddenly became very alert. This was partly due to the fact that an SUV had pulled out into my lane less than 10 feet away from me.

Thank goodness that my reaction was immediate and I was able to turn the car into the curb. If the weather in my city hadn’t received snow for the past few weeks prior, I would have smacked into the curb and likely written off my wheel or axle going at that speed. Fortunately for me and the passenger in my vehicle the car  slid up along the snow bank and allowed me to steer my way out of trouble. After surfing the sidewalk I was able to guide the car back onto the road to safety.

My heart was pounding inside my chest and the thought of just how close that was really lingered in my head for a while. I couldn’t even recall how I was able to react in such a short time and was thankful for once in my life for the snow that accumulated on the side of the road. The point of this post could simply be that sometimes even snow has a purpose, however, I want to leave you with something more impactful.

What I was most proud of was not the fact that I was able to avoid an accident, but rather the way that I reacted afterwards to the driver of the vehicle that started this incident. I must admit that my ego was screaming inside my head, telling me to get out of the car and tell this “idiot” how close he came to killing us all. It was loud and the message was clear… “you have to say ‘something’ to this guy”…

However, I was able to take a few deep breathes and realize this situation in a bigger context. First of all, nothing happened, so yelling at someone about something that didn’t happen seemed like a waste of my time. My ego wanted to let the driver know that if it wasn’t for my cat-like reaction times, we would have been seriously inconvenienced and possibly fatally injured. However, staying calm I realized that the driver clearly saw what transpired and probably had there own experience to deal with.

Giving the driver a piece of my mind or mouthing them off in disgust for their actions would not do anything to the situation that just occurred, despite the best attempts from my ego to convince me otherwise. Instead of wishing this person bad thoughts, I sent this person unconditional love. I found solace in a higher-context for this occurrence. Since everything occurs for a reason and if we didn’t get in an accident it clearly wasn’t meant to be.

So what could be a reason for this? Perhaps the reason is that this person will drive with more awareness next time. Perhaps they would have got in a worse accident had they not had this experience to draw from. Perhaps the reason has nothing to do with them at all. If you are reading these words then perhaps the reason this happened was to spread my thoughts out into the world and to challenge your next reaction.

Every moment, no matter what happens in your world you have a choice. You can react by giving into your ego and being emotional, or you can respond, by taking a moment to collect your thoughts and breathe before deciding what to do next. This choice is entirely up to you and it is a choice you have been blessed with at every moment of your life. Choose wisely.

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