6 Key Brand Questions

By · February 24, 2008 · Filed in Business

After reading these powerful questions you will be better prepared to develop and deliver a brand that conveys your unique product or service.

This is important because in the 21st century, your brand is your currency.

If you are reading this and already have an existing brand, ask yourself this about your situation: “If you were to take any action to start building your brand in a bigger way, what would you do?

It is a sad reality that for the majority of small business owners the answer to that question far too often lies out of reach, like a dangling carrot attached to an entrepreneurs treadmill.

Either the creative resources to find that answer are out of reach, or the financial resources to fund that answer are beyond our reach.

If you are looking to make your mark on a shoe-string marketing budget then continue reading.
Here are six questions you absolutely must ask yourself and answer thoroughly before you create a brand, or brand your next product.

1. What is the market that I am trying to reach? (The more specific you are the better)

2. What are my assumptions about this market? How do I know fact from fiction?

3. What problem(s) is the market trying to solve that I can help with? How do I know?

4. Does this market have the means to solve this problem? (e.g. buy my solution?) How do I know?

5. Who am I in the marketplace? What do I stand for? What am I fighting for?

6. What organized means exist for me to connect with this market to let its members know I have created the solution they need?

If you’re like most business owners, the answers to the questions probably won’t come quickly or easily, try and be patient with yourself, at least you can be confident you have the right approach.
When done correct, your brand is the best way you can separate yourself, differentiate yourself, and be unique in the marketplace.

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