Reasons Why Being Financially Free Is More Noble Than Being Poor & Loving

By · April 24, 2007 · Filed in Business, Change, Growth
Being financially free is as much a state of mind as it is as state of being. You cannot maintain your finanical freedom unless you have a mind that is trained to attract financial freedom. This is why 50% of big prize lottery winners go broke again with 5 years. Don’t worry I know that’s not you because you are a goal achieving animal. In fact why don’t we take a moment to visualize the details of your success.You are a money magnet that continually receives cheques in the mail. You wisely invest first and then spend the remainder. You have unlearned living from lack and scarcity and awakened amazing abundance into all areas of your life. You have the mindset that will eventually retire family members and loved ones. You allow money to help you be at your best by utilizing time and money towards your passions in life. And best of all you work not because you have to but because you are passionate about it. You rock!

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