Intuitive Price Shopping

By · June 23, 2008 · Filed in Business, Intention, Manifesting

There aren’t too many people in the world who don’t enjoy shopping and if you are anything like me, you also love to get a good deal. I believe in the benefits of quality that many higher priced products and services provide, but I just don’t like to pay full price for it. My idea of “discount” isn’t a measly 10-15% off, but a value price point that makes me feel confident that I’m getting a special deal. Why spend more just because you can afford to at the moment? The less I spend the more I can buy.

Here’s how I used my intuition to come up with a solution to a very frustrating pricing problem. Some things in business are “requirements” that mean you must incur the expense because it is essential to running your business. A phone is essential when you have clients that you coach over the phone, such as in my business. Lately I’ve been noticing that my cordless phone battery dies around 45-minutes to an hour, leaving me worried about potentially hanging up on a client mid-call. When I’ve had back to back appointments I’ve had to use my cell phone, sometimes incurring unnecessary long-distance charges.

I say unnecessary charges because I use a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone that uses the Internet to place my phone calls for $39.99 unlimited long distance. Since my voip phone battery was already dying I needed to buy a new one. I went to my suppliers website and found a fair priced replacement phone and battery for under $30.00. When I went to use the online checkout I was shocked to be informed that because I lived in Canada they could not process a credit card without an American shipping address. Instead they advised that I would have to use the Canadian website to purchase the goods. Yes this was a minor inconvenience but things were still ok at this point.

After not being able to find the link on the US website I intuitively replaced the .com with the .ca in the web address to navigate to the Canadian domain. Voila… I am in now browsing my phone providers Canadian website to purchase the replacement phone and battery. As I scroll through the items I find exactly the same thing only to find that the price is 4 times as much?… Although the Canadian dollar isn’t that weak the price for the same item was now well over a $100.00. How could this be?

After getting absolutely no where with the customer support who insisted that the pricing was correct I felt frustrated. I didn’t want to pay the higher price based on the principal of it, but still I needed to find a back up phone and battery. What would you do? What did I do? I released the problem to the universe and trusted that my intuition would guide me to the answer in time. After a week or two went by with no results I admit that I was growing a little impatient at the system, why didn’t an answer manifest yet?

After what seemed like an eternity what I had been expecting all this time finally arrived, coincidentally or not, the day after I committed to revisiting the Canadian website. Luckily the answer came to me in the morning which is why I still hadn’t made the purchase. I took my dog outside for a walk and when I got back the mail man had left papers in my mailbox. Normally the flyers go straight to the recycle bin for us, but something told me to hold onto the paper as I let my dog roam the backyard.

The very first page I flipped to was about half way through a flyer advertisement for a local retail chain. Coincidentally, or not, this page was advertising a sale on the same brand of phone, and it even had a blurb that they carried a large selection of replacement batteries as well. I noted the retailers location, closed the book, smiled to the sky and thanked the Universe for sharing the information that I needed. I have always had information travel like that to me and wanted to share this latest story in detail while it was still relatively fresh in mind. What is your opinion on my intuitive abilities? Would you like to find out how to tap into your intuition for problem solving?

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