Manifesting RockStar Parking

By · May 23, 2008 · Filed in Business, Intention, Manifesting

I organize a local Self-Improvement Group here in my city and last night was one of our meetings. This meeting required me to bring some extra equipment, such as a 27″ television to the boardroom. As luck would have it one of the assistant organizers was feeling ill that day, so I was left alone to carry the supplies.

Knowing this would be the case before-hand, I took a moment to visualize the most ideal parking spot close to the building, because to make things more interesting it happened to be raining last night. I wanted to be close to the entrance so I could load up and move the equipment into the boardroom as fast as possible. I took time to visualize the closest parking stall to the building and drove off to my destination.

Upon reaching the building I noticed that the first four or five parking stalls closest to the building were full. Now I’ve been able to manifest things in my life so regularly that to be honest I was a little disappointed when the parking spots were full, I even thought to myself… “someone upstairs must have not got my order” when before I could finish that sentence the reverse lights flicked on from the car that was closest to the door and it backed up and out of the spot.

Not having to wait more than 10 seconds for my spot I quickly realized that everything was meant to be, including the lesson on my patience for it manifesting. So I had to wait a few seconds, big deal, I still got the end result right? Well not exactly… Since it was raining I quickly┬ágrabbed the T.V. from the back seat with both hands and closed the car door with my body. I walked towards the door only to be practically clotheslined by the cord still caught in the closed car door.

Well now that the door was locked and the cord was still stuck I needed to find my car keys, set the T.V. on the wet ground, and open the door to release the cord. I am not going to lie, I got wet and so did the T.V., luckily it was ok and worked for the presentation. My point in telling the story for any manifesters out there is that if you are going to take the time to visualize, make sure that you visualize the end result first. In my case, it wasn’t enough for me to picture the parking stall, even though I wanted it, that’s all I got, completely missing the point of why I wanted the parking stall in the first place, to avoid me and the T.V. getting wet.

So next time you are using your manifesting skills make sure you begin with the end result in mind. See yourself after the fact, observe the feelings you would feel if it was completed. The universe will work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that all the players involved do there part. Oh yeah, remember to be patient when receiving what you asked for.


Great advice! It’s amazing that one focuses on the most obvious desire, leaving out all the little things you really need to make it work as a whole package! Thank you!

Great advice! Thank you so much!

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