Are You Positive?

By · August 24, 2007 · Filed in Business

Today I had the good fortune and pleasure of enjoying the company of Phil Minnaar.

If you haven’t heard of Phil, he’s the genius behind “The Positive Dictionary”

Dr Phil’s main inspiration behind the book was that positive words have tremendous power to make us more positive in life, to see a bright side in any negative situation and to inspire us to achieve our goals.

Dr. Minnaar had a few words of wisdom to share with me about being an entrepreneur, here’s what he had to say:

1. Start Small

Don’t expect to conquer Mount Everest in a day. Break big goals up into smaller more manageable tasks. Do something everyday to move forward towards this, even if its just one step.

2. Work Hard

Refer to the above definition and add consistency equals working hard towards achieving your goals. As elementary as this sounds, some people miss this point altogether and expect results to happen practically overnight.

3. Takes Time

Growing anything in life requires us to start small, feed it lots of love and attention, and allow time to do its magic. As simple as the first two points, this point is probably the most important. Don’t give up on your dreams, persist and you will eventually win!

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