Cancelled Order Confirmed

Hey are you getting Cold Feet already? We haven’t even begun to change!

Is it the cost that is preventing you from getting whatever you truly desire?

How about we eliminate a third of the cost and charge you $3 for complete access to Russell’s secret weekly call-in? Think about how much it will cost you not to get the help you need now…

Each week Russell will help you:

  • Stop the emotional roller-coaster.
  • Experience the sensation of joy.
  • Find purpose and live with more passion.
  • Discover profit breakthroughs in business.
  • Work smarter not harder through leverage.
  • Manage time and money for real freedom.
  • Feel true fulfillment and contentment.
  • Get out of debt and the financial rat race.
  • Attract amazing relationships with the opposite sex.
  • Be more comfortable in your own skin and around others.
  • Gain and maintain a healthy body for good and forever.
  • Quit smoking once and forever.
  • Understand and overcome depression.
  • Increase your self-esteem.
  • Learn to trust and belief in yourself more.
  • Rediscover true beauty and the power within.
  • Overcome fear and move into action with confidence.
  • Provide service to communities in need.
  • Live the dream lifestyle that you imagine.

This is your final offer… If you say no once more you will never ever been shown this page again. Russell apologizes if he has inconvenienced you but he wanted to make sure you were aware of this is a one-time offer only.

Yes, I’m aware of the one-time offer and I’d still like to pass on it; please don’t ask me again.

Wait a minute… Don’t cancel yet I’ve reconsidered at this unbeatable subscription value of $3.00.