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3 Powerful Visualization Techniques

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3 Powerful Visualization Techniques to Create a New You this New Year!

Visualization is a process in which you see things how you would like them to be.  Prior to their turn at bat, for example, some professional baseball players practice visualization by seeing themselves making great contact with the ball and having a successful at bat.  Actors picture a standing ovation after delivering an award winning performance.  Both have found this technique helpful for achieving results they previously thought impossible.

Effective visualization requires very specific detail.  It is not good enough to simply see yourself in your new house.  To help clarify this dream, define the location of the house.  Will you live on the beach?  In the mountains?  What color will the house be?  How many rooms will it have?  The clearer your picture the more real it will become.

There are many forms of visualization.  Here we will discuss three of the most powerful techniques to help you achieve remarkable results in your life, simply by seeing them, in vivid detail, beforehand.

1.  The Mental Movie

If you were to make a movie of your life, what would it be like?  In this technique you act as the director of your life story and everything is possible.  You create the scenery, the plot and the characters.  You become the main character and every detail is up to you.

2.  The Obituary

How do you want to be remembered?  What do you want people to say about you at your funeral?

This technique allows you to write exactly what you want said when you are gone.  The script you will write will highlight your career, your family and your friends.  It will point out all your strong points and your successes.  Picture yourself any way you want, and use this technique to define what is really important to you.

3.  Letter to a Friend

Here you will write a letter to a friend, but instead of the usual format, you will project how you see yourself 5-10 years from now.  When you write, picture yourself as having already achieved everything you want to accomplish during that time period.  Be specific!

Regardless of the technique you choose, keep in mind these important details:

1. Find a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be distracted

2. Breathe deeply

3. Concentrate on what you want and your breathing alone.  Let go of all additional thoughts.

4. Be very specific.  Picture yourself and everything around you exactly how you want it to be.  Give your picture color, texture, depth and clarity.

5. When finished, continue breathing and allow your vision to escape, knowing you can call on it again whenever necessary.

6. Repeat the process regularly and often.  As you continue to use visualization, you will find it easier and easier to create the positive pictures in your mind.

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Imagination Wins the Stanley Cup

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After the dust settled at this years NHL finals, the winner came down to the team who imagined having it with more conviction. Convincingly, that team was the Pittsburgh Penguins, and they were lead by the imagination of their young captain, Sydney Crosby.

After accepting the Stanley Cup as the youngest NHL captain to hoist it, 21-year old Crosby confirmed the importance of both your dreams and imagination when he told NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman: “It’s a dream come true… It’s everything you imagined and more.”

And imagine this scenario in his mind he did… Crosby has admitted to dreaming of hoisting the Stanley Cup too many times to count, although if you asked him, I’m sure he would admit it was a small price to pay to eventually be able to experience the feeling in real life. Dreams come true when you are passionate enough about making them happen.

People often want the results they can imagine but they are just not committed or capable of doing what it takes over time to achieve those results. To get the results we want in life we must offer up an equivalent of value in exchange. In Crosby’s case, it was his determination, resiliency and willpower that showed and told the universe that it was him who wanted this reality more than anyone else.

There are a lot of factors to be considered when it comes to winning a sports title. It can’t be based on dreams alone, because there are as many imaginations genuinely intent on winning Lord Stanley’s cup as there are players in the NHL. When there are multiple candidates and only one reality, like in sports or the lottery, the winner is the person who is imagines their success most clearly and confidently.

When it comes to winning things like awards, sports titles, and even the lottery, the winner is simply determined by the person who is able to demonstrate that they want it more. And why shouldn’t the Universe work on this principal? Deep down inside we all know that a reward system like this is fair, reasonable and beneficial for everyone.

For example, if you had a priceless antique that you had to give away, if given the chance to choose, you would probably prefer that the person already had some appreciation of antiques to begin with correct? Similarirly, if you had to give your prized pet away you would want to ensure it went to an animal lover over animal abuser. The Universe is no different, it wants to make sure our desires are genuine before rewarding us.

When you desire something but lack the willpower to get it success is unlikely. However, when your willpower and your desires are aligned nothing can stop you. People and professional athletes often become unstoppable when they use a crystal clear vision of success to drive their willpower. Anything you can conceive (desire) and believe (willpower) you can achieve.

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky used to imagine the puck going into the net moments before he shot. Tiger Woods, one of the most dominating forces in Golf wins because he imagines being the greatest golfer alive. Not only does he believe in his vision, he also has a clear definition for what exactly that means.

You can model the success of athletes like Crosby, Gretzky and Woods by taking a page out of their imagination playbooks. Take a moment and think about what your favorite idol, mentor or hero(ine) has done that you would like to do. How did they go about getting it done? How did they use the power of visualization to aid and assist them along their journey. How can you apply or adopt the same principals to help with your success?

I’m not sure the name of the team that will win the 2010 Stanley Cup, nor can I tell you who will be the captain to hoist it come June. What I can tell you is that as you read these very words the winner is already earning their right to win by first winning in the realm of imagination. If you can imagine it possible you can take steps everyday to make it possible.

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