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Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you THINK you are? Really?…

When you take a moment and ask yourself that question, it is your identity that provides the answer. How you answer will depend on who you think you are. Your lifestyle and life choices both depend on who you think you are. Is it time to get to know yourself?

If I was asked this question 3 or 4 years ago the answer would have been dramatically different then it is today. In time I have come to see through the illusions of my understanding of myself and my true nature. Now in order for me to describe to you who I am, I must first begin by telling you a bit about who I am not. 

My full name is Russell Kirby Small. Interestingly enough yet insignificant, had I been born a girl, my father wanted to name me China… Thank goodness I came through as a boy! Whatever name you have isn’t all that important, because whether in whole, or in part, a name does not describe who you are.

I came into this world on this day, July 10th, just over 30 years ago to an African-American father and a Chinese-Canadian Mother. However, I do not consider my age, race, or birthday to be part of who I truly am. 

I was born at 7:00AM on the seventh day (a Sunday back in 1977) of the seventh month, in 1977. One of my favourite numbers is 7 can you guess why? Still, my favourite things do not tell you who I am either.

I am a SAIT graduate in Business Administration Marketing, a Certified Subconscious Restructuring Life Coach, and I’m committed to constantly learning and growing. But yet again, I don’t believe my education is who I am.

I am a fearless fire-walker who has walked barefoot across 1,200 degree burning hot coals. I believe in mind-over-matter and can demonstrate this belief. Still, none of my accomplishments or aspirations will tell you who I truly am.

In love seeing my life coaching clients breakthrough limiting-beliefs. I’m an Entrepreneur who is passionate about developing multiple passive streams of income. But you guessed it, neither my job or my passion can define who I am. 

In fact, I don’t believe I am my thoughts, my mind, or my body.. which I bet that leaves most of you wondering, “who does this guy think that he is?” Well many years ago I would be tempted to say I am just another human being trying to experience spiritual enlightenment, but now I believe this to be backwards.

You are looking at me now as a spiritual being having a human experience. As this spiritual being I would like to briefly share with you 3 characteristics that describe the essence of who I am.

1. I am timeless. I come from a source that has existed long before we came to inhibit this Earth. This presence exists simultaneously inside each one of us, and will exist for long after all of us are gone. I’ve always had this inner feeling that time was a man-made illusion, experienced by the mind played to us from the projector screen of our own perceptions and beliefs. The best example of this belief would be a movie I recently watched starring Rachel Weiss and Hugh Jackman called “The Fountain”. 

2. The second quality about being a spiritual being is the abundance. I came from a creator that is everything, everywhere, all knowing, all consuming, and every flowing. One of the best quotes that put this concept into perspective was said by Dr. Wayne Dyer “An infinity of forests lies dormant within the dreams of one acorn.” We are a part of this abundance and we can physically manifest it into our lives if we first allow it. I used to tend to focus on scarcity and lack, what I didn’t have and what was missing in my life. I now have come to appreciate all the abundance that surrounds us. 

3. The third thing that describes my spiritual nature is that I am a part of ever-lasting change. Change is everywhere and the only constant. For example the cycle of the seasons, the phases of the moon, and the ebb and flow of the tides. I am a part of something that is ever changing. Even the North Pole, the star that for thousands of centuries has pointed North and allowed our explorers to navigate the world will soon be replaced by another star that reflects a more accurate north.

The best identity to develop is always having an attitude about life that is open to anything and attached to nothing. Our emotional tendency to attach judgement based on individual perspective has corrupted our ability to believe we are all one in the same. When you label or judge something we negate it of anything else. Hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought so the next time someone asks you, “who are you”, how will you answer?

Rewiring Your Brain Can Transform Your Life

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Imagination is the gateway to all healing and all manifestation. Here is an excerpt from a recent article that talks about the recent findings stemming from research in brain behaviour.

Imagine that you have an illness that prevents you from being able to hug your own mother. It also prevents you from working, hanging out with your friends, going to church, shopping, talking on a phone or using a computer. Merely walking by someone who is wearing perfume or cologne might cause you to have seizures.

Now imagine what it would be like to become homeless. Not for lack of money, but because you cannot find a space that is healthy for your body. Neither the medical community nor government has any idea how to help you, nor is a hospital a safe place of refuge for you.

The good news here is the brain has an innate ability to rapidly change and heal itself. This is known as neuroplasticity. This extraordinary, internal healing mechanism is discussed in the book The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr. Norman Doidge. Neuroplasticity was also a featured topic recently in David Suzuki’s program The Nature of Things. The discovery that the brain is adaptable and regenerative is the biggest breakthrough in neuroscience in 400 years.

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