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10 Ways To Improve Sleep

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You can only perform at your best if you have given your body the best chance to perform at it’s best.

If you want to improve your performance the you will have to make sure you have healthy sleeping habits. (more…)

10 Ways To Improve Sleep

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10 Ways To Improve Sleep

1. Limit Caffeine Night 3 to 4 Hours Before Bed Time

2. Air Quality – Room Temp, Open A Window If Possible

3. Air Quality – Pet Dander / Air Filter / Air Ionizer

4. Personal Comfort -ie. Use Ear Plugs or Eye Masks If Needed

5. Bed Comfort – Back ie. A Quality Matress Counts

6. Bed Comfort – Head & Neck ie. Your Pillow Has A Purpose

7. Sheets – Quality, Soft, Clean, Fresh

8. Exercise – Using The Body Naturally Makes It Tired

9. Practice Relaxation or Quality Alone Time

10. Change Your Alarm – Switch to Soothing ie. Sound