Looking for a bonus holiday gift?

By · January 2, 2008 · Filed in Change, Growth

Looking for action to make the most of this new year? Take this challenge!

Take 3 minutes out of your hectic schedule today to just breathe, observe yourself, your thoughts, just be. If you have never done this or do this infrequently it will probably feel a little uncomfortable for a while, you may not even see the point and stop after a brief moment, either or is still great. If silence is still too foreign for you, take those 3 minutes and repeatedly tell yourself that you are loving, loveable, worthy and deserving.

I realize fully that sometimes life “seems” to have a nasty way of getting in the way of our goals and higher aspirations. I’ve been to the point of dire frustration when just as things seemed like they were breaking through “something” else would go wrong. I’ve been caught up watching the successes of others who get more far easier and wondered “why not me?”. I would set goals and then not have the desire or willpower to follow throught and then feel like the only idiot on the block who can’t get their poop in a group. I thankfully learned that it is postively pointless and painful to associate my success with my self worth.

For many years, so many years I used to almost feel embarrassed by not being able to achieve what I wanted. I’ve been blessed to be able to see through the illusion and now the things I want to experience come easily and effortlessly. I’ve been on both side of the fence my friend, and this is why I am offering the people who are looking to break-free or break-through in 2008 an special holiday gift. Take a moment to e-mail me at success@russellsmall.com with the subject line “Re: Send Me My New Years Gift” and I will send over 7 simple yet extremely powerful tools for immediately increasing willpower, self-confidence and awareness. Send your e-mail over right away, as I will be packaging these gems into some material and possibly charging for it, so get yours while the gettings good!

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