Incredible Manifesting Part 3

By · May 16, 2008 · Filed in Change, Intention, Manifesting

A few days earlier I spoke about my friend and new manifestor who used her skills to win the grand prize at a conference we had both attended. You can read about the previous story here or the original story here if you haven’t yet read it. About a week had past week since I last spoke to my friend about manifesting and what she had to say may shock you!

Prior to manifesting the grand prize my friend had no prior experience weilding the awesome power Law of Attraction. After winning the contest with the secret I share with her she got home and wasn’t done manifesting. I guess once you are bitten with the manifestation bug you then try and concentrate more energy on bigger manifestations. The possibilities are endless when you know what you are doing, which is why I was so excited at what my newly manifesting friend had to say.

She told me that during the week when she returned to work they held a contest for a small prize at one of the staff meetings. Well, just to test out her new found manifestation powers she used the secret I shared with her and voila, she won 1st place again amongst all her colleagues and took home the prize. Are these instant manifestations or mere coincidence? Would you like to know the secret I shared with my friend? What would you manifest if you could have anything come your way?

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