Manifesting Memory

By · August 18, 2008 · Filed in Change, Intention

Have you grown your memory lately?

The ability to increase the capacity of your memory is a gift that very few people take advantage of. I thought I had a pretty decent memory, as I’ve been always good with names and faces. When it comes to trivia games where the answer is among the choices and my odds increase dramatically. This is because of something my high school science teacher taught us. Mr. Isaac was an interesting man who had memorized the every number and symbol on the entire periodic table and we always tested his ability in class by asking him what a specific value was. Time and time he would recite the values of the specific molecule mass or boiling point and time after time he would succeed. Finally one day I  piped up in class and asked “Mr. Isaac, how come you can do that, how come your memory is so strong?” he replied, “because I work it out, but more importantly Russell, you and everyone in this room can do the same thing too!” My science teacher went on to say “Every human being has the unique ability to retain any piece of information, such as a song on the radio, and store it infinitely in memory” Over time the neural networks used to access to these memories would degrade, however, the information would essentially still be there. Well that triggered something in my young hormonal mind and from that day on I decided this was how I wanted my memory to be, fit and strong as Mr. Isaacs.

Have you given your memory a work out lately?

As the years went on and I became more dependent on computers and calculators the use of my brain power seemed to be devoted to other things. I remember my friend who worked at a local computer retailer getting me my first digital hand-held organizer. I took the onus upon myself to store large amounts of information in that machine. I had everything like people birthdays, passwords, to-do’s, gift ideas, and yes even phone numbers. I almost relied on it too much and my memory recall became a little s-l-o-w-e-r. I always remember being in awe and admiring those people who could memorize quotes and thinking that it was so far outside of my ability at the time. Little did I realize that taking that organizer with me on a holiday trip to my nation’s capital would change my life forever.

One day while waiting for a friend that I was visiting on this vacation to get off work I went to the pharmacy to browse around, see if they had a photocopier. I had drawn a tattoo of my own design and wanted to make a few copies of the original. I must have been really into the photocopying because I have only a memory of setting my digital hand-held organizer on the machine, but don’t have a memory of remembering to grab it. That’s because I forgot it there, some mega memory I had! I was angry at myself for being absent-minded and worried about what I was going to do to remember all that information. I may not have always had a stellar memory but I was always optimistic and it wasn’t very long before I realized that I had lost my organizer for a reason… even if that reason took a while to come up with. A couple days later I had realized that the reason I lost it was because I didn’t need it to begin with in the first place! That was a pretty strong idea and I tested my faith in the theory by practicing my memory when I got home. Back then I had a million-dollar sales account that I managed and I used the belief of having a good memory to become great with codes and customer numbers. It was amazing that in less than a month of applying belief and action to my memory I had practically forgotten about the lost organizer. What was really amazing was that I know could remember 6-digit product codes, 8-digit customer codes and 10-digit phone numbers at will and surprisingly with ease! I can also remember long quotes from famous people and I use this skill that I am continually building in my speeches.

Are you ready to train your memory?

Memory is something that can be trained and the first step is belief. Do you believe that it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks? I do and have evidence to prove it… but that is another story perhaps. The main point of my story I want you to walk away with is that you can change your life anytime you put your mind into it. If you would have asked me back in high-school science class if one day I would be able to remember long quotes and numbers in my head I would have told you forget about it! Today, I write this from the perspective of the person who has chosen to become better and I am here to tell you to remember that anything is possible! Today I work with clients and help them build the kind of lives that they won’t want to forget!

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