Cruical Tips To Clearing Clutter

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Cruical Tips on Clearing Clutter

We must constantly clear clutter to expand and grow by creating space for the new and moving away from things that don’t work for us. Holding onto things will most likely result in self-sabotage, because by focusing in the past it keeps us who we used to be, which in turn makes creating lasting change unlikely. Ideally everything in our environments should raise our energy and inspire us to be the person we truly are. It is our responsibility to create a vacuum internally and externally to create room to attract what we want in our life. It is then the role of the Universe to fill the void with good fortune and abundance.

Start with assessing your physical clutter. Make a plan and schedule time to start in one portion of one room, somewhere you’ll feel the biggest difference when it’s done. Set a timer, put the music on and go for it. Even 20 minutes a day will add up to something big. Clearing physical clutter will support you in clearing other kinds of clutter. Use the following points to create your action plan.

These are 6 kinds of clutter – how many of these can you relate to?

1. Everyday Clutter: unused, unloved, unnecessary, messy, extra stuff, dust. Result: emotional constipation.

Look at your belongings and ask yourself honestly: Do I love it? Do I use it? Does it make my heart sing? Does it fit into my current lifestyle as I am currently living it? Does it bring me joy and ease? Does it inspire me to live my best life?

2. Body Clutter: feeling off track with your eating and bogged down physically. Result: feeling sluggish, low energy.

Get yourself back on track with some kind of cleanse. Please check with your medical practitioner before starting as for some people and some conditions it’s not recommended. The principle is that by giving your body a break periodically from dealing with some of today’s unhealthy junk food, it has a chance to renew and repair.

3. Symbolic Clutter: unconscious negative messages, gloomy artwork, unfinished projects, things that remind you of a bad experience, broken stuff. Result: energy being pulled downwards.

Take note of your emotions around certain items in your home or workspace. What is your artwork saying to you? Does this support you? Are you really going to finish that quilt? If so, create a plan to do it and if it doesn’t happen give it another home. Are you going to fix your broken part? Can the item be delegated? Can the item be bartered? Is this action/item truly needed?

4. Invisible Cord Clutter: unresolved emotional issues, people/clients who drain your energy, something you’re not saying, someone you haven’t forgiven, incomplete relationships. Result: you remain attached to the very person you don’t want to be attached to and you give them a lot of power over you.

What is it costing you to hold onto resentment? Forgiveness is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. It doesn’t mean what the other person did was right. It means you are putting yourself first and moving on with your life without dragging a load of dead weight behind you. What are the stories you’re telling yourself about someone else? Are they the same stories you told yourself when you loved them or were friends with them? Holding onto resentments has a high price. Cut the cord and free yourself to get on with your life and your dreams.

5. Living in the Past Clutter: books and stuff from a past career or interest, files kept longer than necessary, wedding dress from your first marriage, things kept ‘just in case’, clothes you don’t fit into any more, old collections. Result: stops you being fully committed to the present and moving forward.

What do you really want to be committed to in your life? Holding onto things that remind us of the good old times will not support us in living the lives we dream of. And holding onto things because we might need them one day is coming from fear and lack. We need to cultivate trust – trust we’ll have everything we need when we need it.

6. It’s in your Mind Clutter: stuff to remember (to-do’s and information), stuff to forget (worries and grievances), too much TV, too much busy time, unchallenged beliefs, crowded Inbox. Result: keeps your mind foggy and stops creativity

We cannot possibly take in the entire information coming our way, or keep hold of it ‘just in case’. What would happen if we cut off the stimulation for a time? We’d get in touch with ourselves, our hearts, and make space for our own creativity and inspiration to emerge. We’d move through transition times in our lives more easily and emerge stronger. Imagine having a sabbatical with space to explore some long cherished dream or goal. Imagine having the space to get clear about your journey through life. Long before you feel stretched and out of touch with yourself, it’s time to schedule a mini sabbatical – a renewal day or half day. Turn off the computer, TV, phone too if that’s an issue for you, and arrange childcare. This is your time to do whatever you like.

Take back your minutes! Take back your day! Take back your life!

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