Programming Opportunity in DBpedia

Got a second to hear me out?

Thanks for visiting this page. I am currently looking for a programmer, and possibly a business partner.

Ideally you are comfortable with the Architecture of DBpedia and can program websites that can tap into the awesome power of Linked Data. There is an opportunity to make a change that is trying to be expressed but it needs your help! Contact me now to find out if you are a fit for the project.

I am creating this post hoping that you check it out when searching the web for DBpedia and Linked Data information. By using the web my intention is to give you an opportunity to reach me. If you are reading this post right now and are computer savvy then you might be a piece of this bigger puzzle.

In case you aren’t yet familiar with the Architecture of DBpedia here it is specifically according to the information quoted on wiki:

“The DBpedia RDF Data Set is hosted and published using OpenLink Virtuoso. The Virtuoso infrastructure provides access to DBpedia’s RDF data via a SPARQL endpoint, alongside HTTP support for any Web client’s standard GETs for HTML or RDF representations of DBpedia resources.

Illustration of Current DBpedia Architecture

Background Information

The Architectural Evolution though the DBpedia RDF Data has always been housed in Virtuoso, which has supported all desired means of access since the DBpedia project began, early DBpedia releases used Pubby Linked Data Deployment services in front of the Virtuoso SPARQL endpoint.

As the project gained traction, the HTTP demands on Pubby’s out-of-process Linked Data Publishing services increased, and the natural option was to take advantage of Virtuoso’s SPASQL (SPARQL inside SQL) and other Linked Data Deployment features, by moving these services in-process with Virtuoso.”

Illustration of Deprecated Architecture

Now what?

So far has this all made sense to you?

Are you interested in making some money or making a difference in the world? Maybe my idea is ridiculous, if so I can promise you can have a laugh at my expense. But… maybe just maybe, you reading this is no coincidence and you are meant to hear this idea and we can work together.

There are 3 reasons to hurry and contact me before it is too late.

1. The window of opportunity closes and our chance to act dissolves.

2. Someone else is sent this idea because it is too important to rely on just this post.

3. You don’t have anything to lose but the world has everything to gain.

I put this intention out there to find a person that believes that feels a purpose to reading this. So if you know how to make sense of this information on DBpedia architecture and Linked Data, and you are reading this post, then guess what… I’m looking to connect with you!