Random Act of Dancing

By · April 6, 2009 · Filed in Balance, energy, Positive Videos

Have even wondered what happens when total strangers watch dozens of other strangers participating in a random act of dancing in a crowded train station?

You may be surprised the effect it had on people and may find the video more interesting than you think.

Watch ‘Good Vibrations’ experienced amongst strangers from a random dance performance at an Antwerp Train Station.

This video will make your heart pump with joy, lightened up your load and amaze you all at the same time. 

Question: How can you organize, help, or contribute to something that will make a warming effect on the lives of at least one person? Two people or a group would be even better. The more the merrier with this challenge!

I want to hear from you, please leave your comments, share your ideas, and let us know what you did or have done to make a difference.

Please feel free to share the video or link with your friends and loved ones!

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