Exclusive Offer for Imagination Report Downloaders

Explore New Possibilities and Discover New Potentials

As a special bonus for downloading “The 7 Imagination Misuses” report you are entitled to a complimentary “Possibility Finding Session” with Your Imagination Coach Russ Small. ($97.00 Value)

So what all is “possible” during this powerful 30 minute laser focused 1-on-1 session?

  • You will find three possibilities that you can get really excited and enthusiastic about.
  • You will explore whether or not you truly believe they are possible and worthy of pursuit.
  • You will discover possible blockages that are holding you back from what you want.
  • You will walk away from the session with actionable strategies for your most important goals.
  • You will find out if setting up a coaching structure could make a positive impact on your targets.
Regardless of whether you decide to invest in developing a coaching structure, most people walk away from their Possibility Finding Sessions with more energy, clarity and excitment about their goals and their life.
Remember: As a potential client there is never any obligation whatsoever to commit to anything at anytime. However, as your coach you can use me to hold yourself accountable to acting in alignment with your dreams.

Fill out this offer and secure your Possibility Finding Session now:

*** Note: Russ reserves the right to stop this promotional offer at any time and without notice. This offer entitles you to one 30-minute Possibility Finding Session only. Russ coaches an intimate number of clients every month and cannot guarantee that a coaching opening will be available at the end of your session.