9 Feng Shui Tips to eliminate blocked energy in your home – by Vicky White

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9 Feng Shui Tips to eliminate blocked energy in your home

1. Check the plumbing: Water represents prosperity. When you have leaky pipes or taps, it’s your prosperity that’s going down the drain. Take a look under sinks and watch for any sign of water. Even your shower fitting dripping will be sending your prosperity away.

2. Fix anything broken: When you’re tolerating things not working as they should, your energy is drained. Which means the energy you are putting out into the world is not as it should be, and you’ll be attracting back less than you desire. Either fix them or get rid of them.

3. Check your stove: The ability to cook food represents abundance so your stove is a symbol of prosperity. Ensure your stove is kept clean and in good working order. A non-working burner represents a loss of money. It’s also good to make use of all burners, rather than favoring one or two as this represents taking advantage of all opportunities.

4. Replace burnt out lightbulbs: These represent burnt out energy and a lack of passion. You definitely want to be as ‘lit up as possible’ – which doesn’t mean wasting energy by turning on lots of lights. It means having light bulbs working should you choose to turn them on. And even if you never turn on a particular light – it’s important the bulb does actually work.

5. Fix squeaking hinges and floor boards: Squeaky hinges represent arguments and loose floorboards usually reflect feelings of uncertainty or insecurity. They also represent your joints, so get them moving freely and you’ll be more supported. Hearing squeaks is a constant drain on your energy.

6. Fix broken or cracked windows in your home: Windows are the eyes of your home and they symbolize your own clear vision. Avoid eye problems and gain clarity by fixing any broken windows. If you feel you are lacking in vision, wash and clean your windows. The same applies to your car.

7. Unstick windows and doors: Stuck windows affect career and relationships by encouraging conflict. And stuck doors stop the energy entering your home or a particular room. This will impact all areas of your life. Same happens if you have clutter behind a door stopping it opening fully. Unstick doors and windows and remove clutter and let energy into your life.

8. Mend broken or cracked steps or pathways: If you have to walk over broken or unstable steps, concrete or tiles, it will make it difficult to attract opportunity to your life. These also represent your own bone structure, which needs to be strong.

9. Clear your clutter: Remember clutter is anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, tolerated or disorganized. And it will all be bogging you down.

In Feng Shui clearing your clutter is the first thing to do. And one thing that will have a big impact on you. All the tips above are examples of clutter and give you somewhere to start. Nothing worse than your life being like a broken record, with nothing changing.

Action Step: What is one thing you can do today to ensure the energy is flowing more freely in your home and you have an environment that’s supporting you?

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