Manifesting a Shopping Cart

By · September 16, 2008 · Filed in Habits, Intention, Manifesting

Have you ever gone shopping and forgot to bring a quarter or dollar for the shopping cart? Isn’t that a pain in the butt? Well say good-bye to your shopping cart sorrows and remember that you are always armed with your powers of instant manifestation no matter where you go. Recently I came across the perfect example…

The other day my girlfriend and I were grocery shopping and we just arrived at parking lot of the supermarket. I think it is noteworthy to mention that we pulled up into my usual “rock-star parking” spot, in fact I’ve put a standing order into the Universe for only good and close parking spots and it’s been working for over 7 years!

As we got out of the car my girlfriend suddenly realized that she didn’t have the one dollar that the shopping cart takes to unlock it from the rest of the carts it is tethered too. I told her to relax, just “put in an order to the Universe” and ask it to provide you a cart. 

Well normally a good sport today my girlfriend didn’t really engage the idea and decided to carry on looking for a cart. Instead of believing it would come she was thinking about all the lost time that would pass by and was now on a mission to get change and go back outside to get a cart.

When we get inside the doors my girlfriend heads to the Customer Service desk while I scan around waiting for my shopping cart to appear. Sure enough within seconds I spot an empty shopping cart calling my name. I will admit that this particular cart didn’t come with the dollar but do you think I was complaining?

My girlfriend returned a few minutes later frustrated because of the response she received after waiting in line for customer service. She asked the gentlemen for change and he then referred her to the self-serve til that also had a big-line up.

Lucky for us my belief was stronger than her doubt and the stronger faith prevailed. But keep in mind this story isn’t to prove who was right or who was wrong. In fact, it isn’t either to show that my girlfriend doubts my manifestation abilities, because in reality she is one of my greatest believers and supporters.

However, I do believe that the perspective that she came from in this particular example is good to consider because it mimics to natural tendency of the mind to want to take over situations instead of trusting our self. We might even know something deep inside our hearts, but still need to see something it in order to believe it with our minds.

Face it, we want convenience and don’t even want to put in the work for that. The good news is that we can have exactly just that if only we allow it. It is only when we doubt the power of our own beautiful gift of creation that we end up creating extra work and circumstances that keep us swimming upstream.

Only when you truly believe in your abilities with both your mind and body will the process of manifestation become effortless. If you feel like you are not flowing downstream then it is you, and only you, that is blocking yourself.

Take a moment right now and think of ways that you can let go and remove any barriers that may be blocking your manifestations? How can you feel more worthy and deserving of all the abundance that is your birth-right?

Remember, Intention is a force in nature and if you tap into it the Universe and every entity and energy form that is needed and necessary must comply by natural law. So go ahead, step more fully into your world and ask for what your really want. Claim it now, you deserve it!

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