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The comment that vevveh makes is so true because we all are co-creators of our lives, whether we actively choose to participate or not.

However the Success Sensei might add that in order to influence future generations one should take the following into consideration:

Since we all influence future generations by default as being co-creators, an addition to the goal of your influential actions should be to leave the situation with the potential for positive power.

Whenever you are in a situation you can choose to make the situation better than when you weren’t a part of it.
That means leaving people feeling great versus small and to do this we must leave energy deposits into the emotional bank account of others rather than making withdrawals.

Yes of course, we all know that already… Which is great because in fact that my friend is the easy part.

The real test comes in when you consistently try harder to make it better.

When we are constantly operating out of a balanced state of being can one claim the positive and effective influence of future generations.

Let’s help one another get stronger. The world needs your contribution!

Let me know if I can help.

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