It’s the first Christmas with out a "real" job and I couldn’t be happier!

By · December 12, 2007 · Filed in Growth, Manifesting
The month of December is fast upon us!It’s been just over 3 months since I quit my job to pursue my passion and let me tell you it has been well-worth it!

People thought I was crazy to leave a wonderful paying job with a mentor that I respected and admired, with whom the people I worked with were uncharacteristically amazing as well.

I made the leap of faith knowing that if I got clear on my passions that the “Universe” would support me. Was I ever right in placing my faith and making the leap!!!

In just three incredible months I have started not one but two businesses, coordinated an 8-week youth leadership program, organized a monthly self-improvement group that’s met twice, co-assist a coaching and professionals group, formed multiple joint ventures, and developed multiple streams of passive income!

This is the first Christmas for all the 16 working years of my life that I don’t have the security of a salary or a wage, and I couldn’t be happier!

Are you ready to make that leap of faith into a new chapter of your life? If you get clear on your values and vision, I promise you there are proven and predictable ways to manifest your every desire. If you need to know a few to get you started, drop me an e-mail anytime, I’m always here to share.

Humbled by your greatness,

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