The Duality of Life

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There’s a law of life that humans don’t see It explains the opposites – it’s The Law of Polarity.

While we know the law of gravity is immutable
And realize the laws of electricity are inscrutable
We have a hard time accepting the truth of reality
That everything in life is a duality.

Yet, every pleasure comes with pain
Within every loss, there’s also a gain.
Fire and water, earth and air
Are part of opposite poles these twosomes share
Every beginning has its end
And in the middle is the blend.

Yin and yang, black and white
Summer and winter, day and night
Every big has its little, every slow has its fast
Every strong has its weak, every future has a past
Hot and cold, up and down –Everything’s in balance, the cycle goes round and round.

Love and hate, faith and fear,Greed and generosity, by now it should be clear
That after the battle, comes the peace –And every tension must find a way to release.
Once you embrace the two opposites as part of one creation
And know you’ll partake of both depression and elation.

You stop running to the good, and fleeing from what you call bad
You give yourself the space to be happy and sometimes sad
When you understand the opposites, much suffering will end
And you’ll realize the negatives are really your friend
Challenges help us to seek, evolve and to grow
And when we are grateful for it ALL, that’s when we know.

We are ready to stop our judgments, and give thanks in prayer and meditation
For the incredible order and harmony of God’s perfect creation.

By Beverly Nadler © 1995

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