Incredible Manifesting Part 2

By · May 13, 2008 · Filed in Intention, Manifesting

Last week I spoke about how I was at a convention over the past weekend where I manifested a signed copy of a book I wanted. If you haven’t yet read it you can do so by clicking here. Today I am going to describe how a few simple coaching tips suggested to a friend helped her win the grand prize at the same conference.

The previous night my friend was attending a first timers meeting that I joined in late. Shortly after I arrived the keynote speaker announced that the winner of the draw would win a signed copy of her book. My friend looked at my process curiously as I set the intention to win the book. After I won it, my friend was somewhat amazed at the whole series of events and inquired to learn more.

I told my friend a secret that manifestation masters have known for many years. I was so positive that we could manifest this grandprize together that I threw away my own draw ticket! As I threw it away I intentionally mentioned that we would only need one ticket if we were “meant” to win. My friend practiced a couple more manifestation steps before handing the ticket into the pile of many. The person attending the ticket draw table jokingly said that the winner was already picked and I smilingly replied that it was ok, 2nd and 3rd wasn’t what we were after.

My friend and I were enjoying a rather tasty luncheon when the third, second and grand prizes were drawn. As they got down to the first prize my friend turned her chair as if in anticipation of her name being called. However when it was called, she was so shocked that the process actually worked that she sat stunned in her chair for a few more seconds. She finished up the manifestation process with one crucial key I showed her and she ran up stage to receive the grand prize. She was so excited about winning she kindly shared anything that I wanted out of the booty she received.

Was this just another coincidencein the same weekend as my book manifesting story? We both got lucky again? Keep in mind there were well over a thousand people at this convention, it wasn’t like winning the prize by default from lack of recipients. With intentionally mind power you can create anything you want in life. It doesn’t have to come to you by winning a prize either. Mastering manifesting has brought me my girl, my car, my dog, my job, my adventures, and of course my book.

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