Manifesting Kute Blackson Part I

By · February 4, 2009 · Filed in Intention, Law of Attraction, Manifesting

One of my best friends is in to the ‘tech’ toys, which on this occasion just so happens to be good news for me. This is because when my friend gets tired of the latest toy, he is generous enough to let others use his ‘scraps’. Less than a week ago I managed to pick up one of his most recent pieces of scrap… an Apple iPhone! 

Since I got it I’ve been playing around with it, trying to learn the in’s and out’s in order to become a proficient iPhone user.  One of the features I am currently enjoying is the Wi-Fi access, which allows you to connect to the Internet using the iPhone. This feature makes surfing the web very portable, which is a benefit to a person like myself who is always on the go. Yesterday I searched the term ‘Life Coach’ into my iPhone browser and came across a video on YouTube that really stuck out.

As I watched this brief but informative 5-minute clip I felt strangely connected to this complete stranger.  Have you ever had an experience where you know you are meant to be in that particular place and time by the feeling you have inside? Well I had one of those feelings as I listened to a person speak about topics and concepts that could have been just as likely to be uttered by myself. My own awareness sensed that this person was a beautiful reflection of the values I hold near and dear to my heart.

At the end of the video was a link to visit which I highly encourage you to also do. There you will be pleasantly rewarded with musical melodies that, if you are anything like me, will soothe your soul and inspire your inner self. The more I drew, yes you can draw on the site the more the kid inside of me came out to play. There are many reasons to fall in love with all that is Kute Blackson. Kute is a beautiful and unique reflection of the universe put here at a cruical time for us all. He is a model of adventure, living brilliantly and true freedom. Most of all and most importantly, Kute is Love.

Interestingly, Kute has a mixed background like I do, Asian mom and African dad. I know personally that growing up in a clash of cultures gave me a diverse experience to draw from and has also yielded the gifts that I now serve people with. Finding a person with a similar ‘energy system’ or ‘information pattern’ in this world was a huge honour for me. Having Kute appear in my life was a big deal, so I called my partner into the room and caught her up to speed. After we both watched his video I managed to finally pry myself from the website. I then wrote in my intention journal that some how, some way I wanted to meet him, connect with him and learn from him. 

The intention is now set…

Since the only thing holding you back from getting everything you want is… yourself, at this stage my role is to sit back and watch the universe unfold it’s magic!

To be continued… Read Manifesting Kute Blackson Part II

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