Manifesting a Burger

By · May 16, 2008 · Filed in Intention, Manifesting

Today I manifested a hamburger!

I was at a friends stag party where we were all golfing and I was working up quite an appetite even though it was still quite early in the day. I noticed that the concession store sold food and I checked out the menu and spotted a hamburger.  I didn’t order the burger right away, probably either because it was my turn in golf, or I was still feeling a little shy at ordering “meat” so early.

After a little while my hunger pangs resumed and I thought about the burger again. This time I decided I was going to order one and walked back to the concession booth. One of the groom’s friends that I had just met was standing in line in front of me, and very kindly offered if I wanted anything. Being that this man was a complete stranger just an hour ago, and not wanting to take advantage of his offer by ordering a meal for myself, I replied that I was “fine” and thanked him anyway for the kind gesture.

To my surprise, he was insistent on buying me something, and deduced the fact that I must want “something” otherwise why would I be standing in line. After being comfronted with that logic I hesitantly told him how I was eyeing the hamburger and was going to order one. He smiled at me giving me a look as if he too knew how early it was to order a hamburger, and then said “that’s exactly what I’m ordering, man don’t they sound good?” We both broke out in laughter our the early morning meat seduction and enjoyed the burger together once they were ready.

To some of you this may been seen as a coincidence, however, I just don’t see it that way. I believe that the intention of my hamburger was so strong, that the universe wanted to insist that I had one. I know this might be a stretch for some of you, that is why I continue to compile posts that describe “coincidences” like this, in order for you to have a history of happenings and not just rely on one story.

Your challenge is to imagine something that you would like to manifest. I suggest you start with something small like a hamburger, cup of coffee, or bouquet of flowers. Your heart really really really has to be into this, because if you don’t believe you can attract it, why should the Universe try and convince you otherwise? Put your intention on receiving this any way the Universe wants to provide it, keep an open mind and look for opportunities you can take towards helping the attraction along.

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