Manifesting A Convertible

By · April 16, 2008 · Filed in Intention, Manifesting

When I was in Hawaii I manifested a brand new convertible!

Ok..Ok.. it isn’t mine and I don’t get to keep it, but under the circumstances I am still super happy! You see when I was on vacation in Maui I had pre-booked my flight and reserved a vehicle for my girlfriend and I. We were even able to use our reward points on the credit card we use in order to book the vehicle. Because we weren’t necessarily paying actual dollars to rent the car in Hawaii, we were able to “upgrade” into a nice new Pontiac G6. coupe. I know what you are thinking, a coupe is not a convertible right?

This was my second trip to Hawaii and the second time in my life that I recall being met with the such humid and hot weather immediately immediately upon arrival. It was the hot weather and upon seeing another couple driving out of the airport under the sun in a convertible that I realized I wish I had booked one for this trip. A little disappointed but not deterred to let it ruin my first day of vacation I found the place where to pick up the rental car I booked and headed there.

Since several of my friends happened to also be on this trip they too were standing at the car rental pickup kiosks, surprisingly we had each booked from seperate companies. The lady that looked after us was very friendly and she even went so far as to mark on the map some cool hidden “local” spots to visit. Doing her job she asked me and my girlfriend if we wanted to “upgrade” into a convertible. We both looked at each other and mentally came up with an instant budget for our “upgrade” inside our head, which happened to be a $100 US bill that my mother had given us to spend in Hawaii.

To our surprise, the lady answered it would cost a hundred dollars for the entire week. We were pleasantly shocked and took her up on the offer before she found any errors in the low quote. Since we had already booked the car on reward miles and would be using my mothers gift money to pay for the upgrade it was like getting a convertible for free. If we weren’t happy enough already, what we found out from our other friends made us even more excited.

They too had been asked by their respective rental companies if they wanted to upgrade, one friend upgraded to a convertible at a cost of $500 for the week, another friend declined his company’s offer of an additional $50/day. Our car was a brand new fully loaded Chrysler Sebring while our friend who paid more got a fairly old and very used Ford Mustang. For whatever reason the company we rented our car with offered us a low price, the exact same price we had mentally pictured in our mind. Either way the deal was sweet and we really enjoyed the car trip on the Road to Hanna with the convertible. Is this another coincidence or just another day in the life of a master manifester? Post a comment and leave your opinion below.

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