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I first heard of Bijan Anjomi via a downloaded Podcast of Heather Vale’s “Success Unwrapped” series. At this time back in 2006 what stuck out for me about Bijan, besides sharing great stories in that interview, was the fact that his voice conveyed a playful and loving tone.

He spoke about being “loving, love-able, worthy and deserving” and those words seemed to clearly resonate with me. I felt that Bijan meant the words behind his message and this trust and belief was conveyed completely over just a recording. Needless to say my curiosity was piqued and I wanted to meet him ever since.

You can probably imagine my surprise when my girlfriend comes who from work and tells me that a co-worker just “randomly” came up to her and asked if she would be interested in buying an extra Bijan ticket off of her. My girlfriend told her that she would ask me and get back to her.

I was so excited and thankful because even though I wanted to see him I hadn’t even known he was coming and would have likely missed out without her realizing that this was something important to me. I must admit it was one of the easiest and fastest “yes” answers I could get out.

What was even more cool was that the lady offered the ticket at less than a third of the full retail value of the ticket! Not only was a going to see someone I told the world I wanted to meet on, but also I was saving money doing it! 

As the day of the seminar approached my ego slowly but surely entered the picture. Deep down inside my ego knew that if I went to meet Bijan that it would be empowering to my higher-self, the ego’s natural nemesis. So what did my ego do? Of course it tried to prevent me from going!

If I didn’t go then I wouldn’t grow, and that was fine if left to the ego’s choice. My ego started putting fear and doubt into my thoughts in the most clever forms. For example, the ticket that I bought was merely a black and white sheet of paper that briefly outlined the details of the seminar. One of the stipulations that were mentioned was the fact that students taking advantage of student pricing (the price I paid for my ticket) had to show student ID.

This was a problem for me, mainly because I haven’t been enrolled in any formal school for almost a decade! My mind began racing with visions of me being turned down either because the paper ticket wasn’t valid or even if it was a valid ticket then perhaps it wasn’t transferable to non-students.

I had nightmares of me arriving to the line and being rejected like an idiot who wasn’t smart enough to figure out a fake ticket or read the ticket itself. Thinking about this wasn’t an empowering feeling let me tell you. In fact the more I considered this a possibility the more I didn’t even want to go. How could this be?

I definitely wanted to meet Bijan, and now I was freaked out about all the possibilities of failure that might occur. I was spending time and energy thinking about how to get past the registration desk and this wasn’t a good place to be in. I needed to turn this situation around somehow.

What I did instead was concentrate on the end goal or result, what was it that I truly desired? In this case, my biggest joy would be sitting down with a big smile in a good seat listening to Bijan speak, so I concentrated on that feeling. I pictured myself as vividly as possible and felt the emotion of enjoying a wonderful speech.

Before I left for the seminar that day I took a moment to write down the name of the person who sold me the ticket. A voice inside told me to make note of it and at the time I thought at least I would have her name so that if the registration desk gave me any grief I could refer them to her. However, what I expected to happen didn’t and what I didn’t expect to happen next did.

I arrived at the Hotel that the seminar was hosted in and asked the front desk for directions. It was being held in a room upstairs, and for some reason instead of taking the elevator today I opted for the stairs. As I arrived on the seminar floor there was a small line up of people waiting to register.

The chaos and confusion was a little unnerving, and thoughts of people being witness to my personal embarrassment flashed around in my head. I found the back of a line and picked it just in time before the elevator opened up and more people arrived. Now there was had people in front of me and people behind me, there was definitely no turning back.

As I approached the registration desk I heard the lady’s name that I memorized earlier that day and realized that she was in-line registering right beside me! I immediately called out her name and introduced myself. She responded by introducing me as her special guest to the lady at the registration desk. I got my name tag and my seminar booklet and I was all good to go.

The lady I bought the ticket off of was even kind enough to save me a seat, second row from the front despite a very packed room. Everything I pictured earlier was now manifesting before my very eyes. As Bijan took the stage that evening I knew it was going to be an inspirational and transformational weekend.

Bijan Anjomi and Russell Success Sensei Small

Bijan Anjomi and Russell Success Sensei Small

Do you think it is a coincidence that I had Bijan listed as one of the people I wanted to meet and my girlfriend somehow managed to hear about the ticket?

I asked the lady who sold the ticket to me what possessed her and she said she didn’t really even know why. All she remembers was that a picture of my girlfriend came to her head when she thought about the extra ticket and she was the first and only person she asked.

What are your thoughts about this manifestation story? Was it a coincidence I took the stairs and ended up in line right beside my girlfriends co-worker?

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