Manifesting a Christmas Party

By · December 17, 2008 · Filed in Intention, Law of Attraction, Manifesting

It’s been just over a year since I left my wonderful friends and mentor at my last place of employment. One of the main reasons I stayed so long at this job was due to the quality of the people. From the day I applied and had my job interview till the day I left, I met so many people I am proud to call friends.

When you start your own business there are a few things (read=perks) that you soon miss. One such example that is quickly noticed at this time of year is the Christmas Parties. At my last job I was primarily responsible for putting on the party, and even though it could be stressful at times, it was rewarding to see everyone get together and have a great time. Being on my own employer this year meant that there was no party to celebrate or did it?…

My girlfriend and I actually noticed the lack of holiday parties and thought we should do something about it. So we decided to use the same manifestation process that I use to attract everything else in my life. It started with the end in mind, visualizing the end result was the first thing we did. Next, we felt the scene as if we were already there. In this case, we pretended to mingle with people who’s company we enjoyed and the imagined experiencing the warm feelings of connecting with others.

Would you believe that by the end of the week after doing this we received a phone call from an old friend. Apparently, they were having a work celebration party and had a couple extra tickets for both my girlfriend and I.  He, for “some” reason, thought about us and decided to call us up and offer the tickets. Not only did he have tickets, but he also covered the cost of admission for us. What a class act and an amazing answer from the law of attraction!

The party was absolutely fabulous, exactly how we imagined it. We spent the night connecting with old friends and meeting new ones. The dinner was tasty since it was a potluck we got to try a lot of different dishes. Overall, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. The food, entertainment and most of all the people made our Christmas party a celebration we won’t soon forget. Next time, I think I will focus my efforts more on winning that door prize 😉

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