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When I was young I remember asking my friends at school, in particularly females what their ideal dream life would consist of. The number of kids and whether or not to have a dog seemed to vary from girl to girl but what was strikingly consistent was the idea of a dream house. The typical dream house usually consisted of a large home with trees surrounded by a white picket fence. Do you remember what your dream house used to look like? Are you living in it yet?

For me my dream house actually came through to me in a dream when I was 9 years old. For a period of a couple weeks after I would fall asleep every night I would dream about going into this house. Every successive night I would travel further into the house. What stood out about this house was that it was absolutely huge! I remember thinking to myself, wow, wouldn’t it be cool to live in a house like that? Well this post isn’t about me actually manifesting that specific house, but instead what I feel is a pretty neat story about my latest dream house.

A couple years ago my girlfriend surprised me with tickets to a local charity event that involved driving all across the city I live in to tour nice homes and view beautiful gardens. The entire tour was cool and we were travelling from house to house.  The fourth house on the tour was in an area near the community that we currently live in but we had never even spotted before. This was a little unusual because we take the dog for walks around the adjoining neighborhoods or go for drives and yet somehow this neighborhood had been hiding. As we entered the community searching for the home we were supposed to tour we actually stumbled across this beauty tucked into a cul-de-sac backing onto to a reservoir.

My Future Home =)

This house immediately caught my eye and I was drawn to it somehow. The scope and lines of the house, the lime stone work and the turrets all make this a dream home for me. I could just picture entertaining friends and family in the backyard of this house, and was thinking to myself “I wish this home was on the tour!” Unfortunately the house wasn’t on the tour, and after being back to the charity event every year subsequently I can tell you that it still hasn’t been. But I was compelled to get out of my car and take this picture.

Finding my dream home by “accident” would make for a good story but what happened in the next couple weeks following makes this story even more interesting. This house had apparently affected me quite a deal, in fact I found myself dreaming about going inside of it on a couple occasions. I dreamed about this beautiful house and haven’t to tell the owners that they had to move out because I was ready to move in. I remember waking up from these seemingly real dreams wondering how exactly I was “imagining” the inside of the house, after all, I hadn’t been inside of it yet. I discounted the dreams as merely the residual excitement from coming across my dream home.

A little over a week later after getting home from running errands I am checking the mail and find a magazine in it. I check to see who the subscription belongs to and there is no name anywhere on the magazine but the name of the magazine is “Best Homes”. Hmmm… I think to myself, that’s odd, I don’t recall ordering this and the price is $6.95 Cdn, so it’s not like it has been delivered door-to-door. Besides, if it was a free subscription why didn’t it have any sign up papers accompanying it and why haven’t I ever received one since?


I take it and the rest of the mail inside the house and begin flipping through the magazine. What absolutely shocked me was that this magazine featured my new dream house. Not only did it contain the house I was dreaming about but it was the main feature, and accordingly had a several pages written up along with a photo spread! Now I was able to confirm the pictures to those in my dreams (eerily accurate I might add) and was able to get a real picture of what this house really looked like. It was like the heavens were opening up and saying, “yes this is your house” and showing me the way.

This whole story as it unfolded was very amazing to me as I contemplated what would have to happen in order for me to get this magazine. The odds of it occurring as a chance happening are almost completely impossible, let alone that it featured the house I was so passionate about. The truth is that Manifestation happens and it always follows the intentions that we focus on the most. What intentions of yours are you spending the most time, attention and energy on manifesting?

When you are clear about what you want, the Universe, Source, or God loves to provide it for you. As your Imagination Coach I can show you how to get out of your own way when it comes to manifesting your dreams, whether that is a dream house, dream job, dream relationship etc. Please feel free to check out the rest of the site for more information on manifesting your dream life.

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