Manifesting Traffic

By · October 17, 2008 · Filed in Intention, Manifesting

Driving to pick up my girlfriend from her job less than 5 km away usually takes only 10 minutes. The only exceptions to that rule are when the traffic lanes are reduced and during rush hour.

Today I needed gas which required me to pass my girlfriend’s work and to fill up and then return on the same street. Last time I did this I was late to pick her up because the traffic on the way back turning into the building was backed up and only a few cars can get through the turning light at one time.

As I drove by en-route to get gas for my ride I noticed the major line-up of vehicles waiting to use the turning lane. As I drove by I made it a point to “put an order” into the Universe.

Specifically, my order to the Universe was: “thank you for emptying the line of cars so I will have perfectly clear path when I return” and released it as I continued on to get gas.

I filled up the tank without spending a single precious moment of my time worrying if the order was heard or not and if that meant I was going to be late picking up my girlfriend. Instead I enjoyed myself in the moment and headed off.

However, things didn’t go as smooth as you might expect. Here is the snag.

As I returned from getting gas I doubted my order would be fulfilled and decided it would be smarter to go ahead and create a back-up plan before I arrived at the lights.

I thought my idea was slick, it didn’t take me long to come up with it either. My intention was to make a right-hand turn at the lights I was supposed to make a left at, and then I could quickly turn the car around and zip through the green light and avoiding the turning lane traffic.

Upon making the right turn I noticed that the line-up of cars in the turning lane had disappeared just like I had put an order in for. Now I felt kind of silly going through an extra step when there would not have been any cars if only I would have trusted the process. 

What was even more embarrassingly funny was that my plan to turn around was foiled by the city. Sometime in the past two weeks they have erected huge concrete barriers that prohibit vehicles from doing exactly what I had in mind. I guess I was not the only one who ever thought that idea.

Now I had to loop back in a giant circle forced to travel through the school-zone slow residential area and it definitely felt like was the Universe was paying careful attention to point out the path of my choices led to the abandonment of a perfectly clear opportunity for smooth sailing with my original order.

Experience is truly what you get when you don’t get what you want.

When I returned to the turning light the second time thankfully there were no cars in line. I arrived on time still to pick upmy girlfriend as soon as she got off work and everything turned out ok.

The point of the story is to show you how the Universe wants to give you whatever you order, but first you have to trust and allow it before you receive it.

Are you truly open to receiving what you really want? One way you can demonstrate to the Universe that you are open to receiving is by opening you palms to face forward as you walk. Take in the Universe, engage and be a part of it, after all you are it!

How can you take something from today’s story and apply it in your life? What did you learn for next time you really want to manifest something?

If you would like to share your story or comment drop me a line, I would love to hear from you on this.

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