Manifesting The Unified Field Theory

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On Thursday afternoon as I checked my e-mail I noticed a message from the local Consciousness Meetup group that I belong to. Apparently they were changing dates for the scheduled get together over the weekend because a speaker, Nassim Haramein was in town. Not hearing of Nassim before and not intending to go to the original meeting I dismissed the information, but didn’t delete the e-mail.

On Thursday evening just before bed, I double-checked my e-mail to see if the meeting I had scheduled for the morning was still on or not. I looked in the e-mail inbox and didn’t see any confirmation, wait I did notice again was the message about Nassim talking. What I decided to do next I shouldn’t have, because keep in mind this is fairly late at night and right before bed.

I decide to type Nassim’s name into my favorite search engine, Google, and one of the first search results is a 4-hour video on YouTube. The video is over 5 years old and taped on what looks like a home camcorder yet I sit in front of it glued to the tube. Time passes and there I am, still compelled to keep watching, this is unbelievable content. It is now 5:30am Friday morning and my body is calling it quits but my mind is still spinning. If you heard about or follow classical physics or quantum physics this guy is a MUST see.

I wake up at 9:00am awake and ready to get my day on. I charge through my commitments one-by-one until alas I am back in front of my computer screen. I click to press play and watch the last hour of the four hour video, I have goosebumps. I tell my girlfriend about the video, we watch it together on Saturday and she is blown away. “Who is this guy?” she asks, and why haven’t we heard about him? We decide at that moment that when we wake up the next day we are buying tickets.

Sunday morning arrives, the day of Nassim’s talk in my local city. I go to the website and look for ticket and location information. Tickets are not available online any longer, however, the website did mention that this didn’t mean that there were no tickets left. I took note of the price of the tickets and Eden and I went to the place he was presenting. Once we arrived we walked across the building towards the opposite end of the building we parked and arrived at the reception.

The good news was that tickets were still available, the bad new was that they were 10 times the price that we thought. With only a finite amount of cash and the presentation about to begin, I got a little disheartened thinking I had come all this way. Then I spotted Nassim in the lobby waiting to give his lecture and approached him in hopes that I could at least get a picture taken with him. As I told him of my situation he very warmly tells me not to worry and that I wouldn’t have to miss the presentation.

Eden Nassim Haramein and Russell "Success Sensei" Small

Eden, Nassim Haramein, Russell Small


To my complete surprise Nassim offered to allow Eden and I to be on his guest list for the talk and that instead of paying upfront we could donate to the Resonance Organization when we had an opportunity! Wow, what unbelievable graciousness! The talk was even better (if that was possible) than the You Tube video I watched. However, the only disappointing part was that Nassim only had 5 hours to speak, which is definitely not enough time. Normally he gives talks that last easily between 10 and 15 hours. I ordered his DVD “Crossing The Event Horizon” and will be writing a review as soon as it arrives!

To find out more information about Nassim and his exciting work check out:

Click here to watch a video of Nassim from 2003, very entertaining indeed.

What was more refreshing about this entire experience was that my girlfriend had an amazing time and what I believe to be a personal power breakthrough. I will have to keep you posted on how this has effected us, but I do know that I feel more powerful than I have ever felt and for good reason. This is an amazing time in the history of our planet to be alive, and if you are following your purpose and passion than you will agree. If you are not yet following your purpose or expressing passion for what you do then what are you waiting for? Give me a call or drop me a line and let’s work on changing that right away!


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