Manifesting Yahtzee

By · July 16, 2008 · Filed in Intention, Manifesting

Have you ever played the game Yahtzee? It’s a fun game where players use 5 of the same dice and have 3 chances to roll them for a favorable outcome. There are many combinations and targets for rolls, such as a full house, which combines 3 of the same dice with 2 of the same of another number i.e. 333+22. Players can also have straights made from sequences of numbers, such as 1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6. The ultimate reward in the random rolling of dice in this game is a Yahtzee, where the player rolls all 5 of the same dice, whether in one or three rolls.

I was recently over a friends house visiting and his almost 6 year old daughter was playing Yahtzee with her mom. Wondering if the Law of Attraction could be instantly manifested in this youngster, I told her that all she had to do is picture getting a Yahtzee in her mind and then roll the dice, it was that easy. She seemed to be really fascinated with the idea and told me she would try it. Later on that evening when I came across them playing Yahtzee still, I asked her if she had tried the technique that I told her yet. She said she hadn’t yet but what she did next completely surprised me.

She said she would do it next turn and when she got the dice she took a moment to visualize the 5 of a kind Yahtzee in her mind. After clearly seeing the picture in her minds eye, she rolled the dice while I stood behind her and watched. To my surprise and her delight she rolled a Yahtzee on her first roll. Her mother was shocked and wondered how we “cheated” like that. We just looked at each other and laughed, as she rolled another Yahtzee minutes later.

I also tried this same principal when playing Yahtzee with a friend months later. If you are wondering if it worked ask them, they witnessed a record 9 Yahtzee’s in one game! Quantum scientists tell us that the observer, observing the situation influences that which is being observed. I believe whenever you play any game that seems to involve “luck” and “chance” that there must be some degree of human interaction with the system. If one uses the Law of Attraction to help you win is that officially cheating? What are your thoughts?

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