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September is that time of year when the bus stops start to get busy and the smell of pencil crayons begins to permeate the air. Yes people… I am talking about back to school time! School is a paradox, it can mean different things to different people. Ask 9 people about what they think about school and you will be sure to collect 9 different answers. So are there any similarities in our scholastic experience?

Turns out that there are indeed some interesting similarities. For instance, no matter how long you have been out of school it still probably seems like yesterday for you doesn’t it? Yet if you are reading this and still in school, no matter how many have past already, the days still can’t seem to go quick enough can they? Since school is a topic that most of us are familiar with, I will use the most important information that I’ve learned since being out of school as the premise of this post.

Here is the short list of 7 things it takes to thrive not just survive when it comes to school. If you follow these you will be sure to set yourself up for experiencing an absolutely amazing school year.

1. Decide.

Did you know that indecision is still a decision? If you decide to do nothing, you are still deciding to do something, it just happens to be nothing. In order to get good grades, have a social life and enjoy a good year you must first decide.

Decision is supported by the unseen hand of the Universe. When you decide the world will conspire with you. Decide to make this year different no matter what the previous year (or years) have been like. You are the residual result of your previous decisions, the choice you made in the past. Today and every day following it offers the chance to make new choices, and with those, the opportunity to obtain new results.

What could you decide to work on today that would move you closer to having the type of school year you want?

When in doubt remember… The most important decision you can ever make at any time is to be yourself.

2. Forgive.

Forgiveness is not just something that priests do. Forgiveness is a powerful force in nature. Students who learn how to master this ‘tough’ teacher usually find the lesson of “love”. Love is only important if you want to nurture your soul. Could you use more care, attention or love in your life? To receive more of these wonderful feelings we must first learn how to forgive.

You must learn to forgive yourself and forgive others no matter how bad you goofed or how big someone screwed up. Realize that no one can hurt us without our permission, therefore, we must always choose to learn, heal and grow from our let downs.

The truth is we are all trying to do our best with the best we have learned so far. It is wrong to assume people think, feel and behave the way you were brought up. We are all raised differently with individual motivations.

Ask yourself, how will carrying around these feelings of resentment help your grades? Will a lack of self-esteem help you perform better? The obvious answer is no they won’t. You want to “teach someone a lesson”, why don’t you step up and be a bigger person by demonstrating the lesson of forgiveness?

Remember: If there is a will there is a way. Can you find a way to forge through your forgiveness?

3. Relate.

High school is a time to develop and establish friendships. What else do you expect to do for the rest of the year while being stuck in the same rooms with the same strangers? It’s time to get better at getting to know your classmates. You might as well practice your people skills because the opportunity doesn’t get any better or any easier.

School is the time to make friendships that may last a lifetime. Good friends are rare to find and even rarer to hold on to. Enjoy the people who come into your life no matter who long they stay.

Why not make it this months goal to find at least one new friend? You don’t have to be instant best-buds or perma-pals, and be sure you seek and surround yourself with only quality people. Make friends with multiple groups of people and this will diversify your circle of friends. It is unhealthy to expose yourself to only one source of information because it develops a limited perspective.

Expand your sphere of influence and the type of information you expose yourself to by engaging in genuine small-talk with your fellow school mates. Search for people you find interesting or that find you interesting. This doesn’t mean you have to talk to everybody or be fake for the sake of making conversation. Showing a genuine interest in others is a quality that is instantly recognized and always appreciated by others.

Challenge: Promise yourself to make acquaintances with at least one new person a day.

Stay Tuned…

The next post will discuss 4 other easy but effective tips to make your school year amazing.

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