Can You Manifest A Phone Call?

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Being a busy writer, speaker, coach and consultant among the many other hats I wear as an entrepreneur can mean that there is little time for conversation. My closest friends understand, and often we can go weeks without being able to connect.

Today I was in a retail store that one of my friends used to work at years ago, and was actually thinking about him when he called 10 minutes later. He hasn’t called in months, so I take it as more of an example of manifesting, versus writing it off as a coincidence. Maybe it has happened to me too many times for me to think there is anything other than natures system behind the scenes.

If you think that is cool listen to this. When I got home, I was running through the list of things I needed to do, and placing a business call to one of my business partners was on the list. Within 10 minutes of getting home guess who called, you guessed it, my business partner. Now you are probably thinking that we must talk all the time, so what is the big deal. Actually we don’t talk all the time, in fact we were only able to connect once in January and this was the first time since then we have communicated on the phone.

I could provide numerous examples of how I manifested phone calls throughout the past few years, but what I really want to know is whether or not you think that you have what it takes to manifest a phone call today? Try it. Put your energy, focus and intention on someone you know or someone you would enjoy talking to. No, don’t wishfully believe that sexy celebrity is going to call you out of the blue, you must absolutely believe that this phone call is a possibility in order for it to work.

 Let me know your results, add them as comments for everyone to share and see who has what it takes to manifest phone calls on demand!

Till next time, keep manifesting the good stuff!


i totally get what you wrote in that article. however, i really do think the things you mentioned happen by coincidence. i believe in manifestation but i don’t believe the above examples represent that.

i have had countless occassions where i have thought of old friends & then all of a sudden they contact me. these are friends that i haven’t heard from in SEVERAL YEARS. one of which, shocked the hell out of me because it was so wild how it happened. i hadn’t seen, nor talked to this guy in about 15 years. he was a good friend & i always wondered what happened to him but i had no way of finding out. one day, i was talking to another old friend about him… the very next day, this guy showed up at my parents house looking for me & left his phone number for me to call. for him to remember where they lived all these years completely SHOCKED me. also, for him to show up at my parents house the next day was crazy.

i’ve also had friends that i have thought of that all of a sudden send me an email or call….but i don’t consider this manifestation. i think of it as sort of a premonition or coinsidence. i don’t necessarily want to really call me because i can contact them. i’m just really thinking about them more than usual for some reason.

when i think of manifesting a call or contact. i think of me really wanting this person to contact me & imagining it happening… just me putting forth an effort & energy into manifesting a contact from them. sometimes, i’ve done it & amazed myself. i was really good about it at some point. now, i’m trying to get this particular person to call & no luck. i think emotions are a strong point in doing this, but over the past few months my emotional well being has gone down… i’m just looking for some refreshing ideas of what i did before & not now.

i do enjoy positive energy & positive feeling blogs. thank you for yours & keep up the good work!

I was at work, talking to my boss about this lame guy I went out with for a week and then he began to ignore me and refused to talk to me for the entire week following the dating… well, right as we were talking about how much he hurt my feelings and how much I just wished he’d call… he did! WOW!

well i wish i could say it worked for me but it hasn’t. i really want to speak to a friend of mine and its been over a week, whenever i phone the phone is either switched off or it rings and he doesn’t pick up. sometimes its rings 2 times then he switches his phone off. i really need to talk to him, can someone please help me in manifesting this. its really important. thank you

Thanks sweetvyc for your detailed description of manifesting a phone call. Have you been able to refuel your emotional well-being since then?

@Mandy, great post, keep up the great work. I LOVE hearing these stories… there is no such thing as coincidences.

@Ash: The key to this process is NOT being attached to the outcome and timing, meaning, you must believe that they will call and want to call. Once your emotions are behind you then relax and wait til it happens, don’t stare at the phone waiting for it to ring because it won’t happen. Good luck!

Manifesting is real…i am in a long distance relationship and let me tell you..for a while i thought that manifesting was repeating things to yourself over and over again until they happened..but really that is not the case…you need to let go of all emotional ties to what you want to happen and just believe….believe that the phone call will come..don’t give it all your attention…cause like life coach Russ small said it wont happen…relax and be happy with yourself and all the things you want to manifest will come..i thing the most important thing in manifesting something is to strongly believe in what your manifesting…for example…i truly WANT my boyfriend and i to live closer to each other but more importantly I BELIEVE that one day we will live close to each other…will it happen?? the answer is YES because i am not desperate for it to happen but i believe it will happen…simply because I believe….I am not an expert in manifesting but i know it works and once you get a hang of manifesting things.. a happier you is a waiting on the other side… that, i believe.. 🙂 Life coach Russ Small is what i am saying right?? Just a question to see if i am on the right track to manifesting… Thank you and good luck to everyone who BELIEVES in manifesting!!

Bingo Mel! You are correct on your approach and exactly on the right track. Thanks for sharing your insights to help others to understand the process. Keep manifesting what you believe to be true!

I had this major desire to meet my favorite french dancers. (I live in the U.S.). I would watch their videos and have this “spiritual charge” when thinking about them; so this one day, standing in my kitchen cooking & watching a recent video of theirs, I just finally said “I just want to meet them! Thats it.” Ever since then, I believed it would happen. A few weeks later my friend sent me a link for an audition, within that website there was a flyer for a workshop to see my favorite dancers! I couldn’t believe it! And it was only two hours from where I live. I ended up going (of coarse) and seeing them. I was expecting more out of the trip, like, photos and some time to chat but there wasnt any time. So, I decided we’ll meet again and the next time, we’ll be able to communicate and connect. I just went to another workshop and got exactly what I felt was going to happen! We got multiple random and professional photos, and even had the one say they really like me, and another feeding me candy from France and helping me with my french learning. And I now have other feelings of further communication between them in I and the way my manifestation has been working, wont be long until we create an everlasting kindred passionate bond for each other. I’m so blessed to have discovered the power of manifestation! I use it ALL the time for many things and it ALL comes true! Every single one. The bigger stuff is being helped out by little manifesting ideas and events that’ll lead me to the “bigger picture”, so I know I’ll be exactly where I need to be in the future!^-^
Glad ifound this site to share my story.
Sending Light to you and all of your readers.

This actually works! I didn’t think I would hear from someone I dated again and I saw this article and tried it and it worked not even 2 hours later!!!

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