Manifesting with Imagination

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It’s time to get MAD!!! Madly in love with manifesting using your imagination and the Law of Attraction that is. I want you to get excited about your life again, because you are about to read first-hand exactly how you can manifest the life of your dreams. Before we get into it, please allow me to provide some background as to what exactly I mean by manifesting.

For starters let’s look at a definition of manifest according to

man⋅i⋅fest [man-uh-fest]

–verb: to prove; put beyond doubt or question: The evidence manifests the guilt of the defendant.

Imagination is the keyIn this case when we are talking about manifesting your imagination we are talking about proving beyond doubt or question that your imagination is creating your experience. In fact if you haven’t realized it already, your imagination is helping to manifest every moment of your life.

At first it might seem a bit scary to think that you are actually in control of your experiences, but once you understand the basic principals behind manifesting, you will wonder why you didn’t master it earlier. Manifestation takes a bit a practice but manifest a big success once and you will become hooked on creation!

I love manifesting!Among my many manifestations are recovering lost items like car keys, house keys, licence and cell phone. I’ve also manifested a free car, stolen car, an amazing dog, and one of my most treasured manifestation of all… my relationship with my partner Eden. Of course manifesting money out of thin air, meeting celebrities on-demand and helping change the lives of hundreds of people isn’t too shabby either.

The reason that I wield the power of the Law of Attraction so easily is only because I’ve been playing around with manifestation for so long. In fact, I’ve been a deliberately manifesting for over 12 years! You can say I was consciously creating my reality long before “The Secret” DVD or “Law of Attraction” books were even thought of.

Back then however I thought I was going crazy, because in all my life’s education I had never come across any teachings or even mention of this powerful and ever-present force. However, now you can learn from my mistakes and master the art of manifestation on your own. Here’s how to manifest like magician in 3 easy steps:

1. Identifying your desire

2. Feeding your desire

3. Allowing your desire

The first step is identifying your desire.

The starting point for all success and achievement is desire, or simply asking for it. Even the Bible says “ask and thou shall receive”. The biggest reason why people don’t get what they want in life is because they don’t know what they want. Knowing what to ask for is the first step in bringing it into your life. You first must identify what it is you want before you can set out to get it.

When it comes to manifesting imagine that God, the Universe, or the deity of your choice was a Postman. Everybody knows what a postman is known to do… deliver! Except the “Manifestation Postman” delivers your desires 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year like Santa on steroids! And what is really cool is that we are not restricted to the quality and quantity of the presents we receive.

Small parcel. Big parcel. Many parcels. The factory. It really doesn’t matter, we get what we ask for. The postman will deliver the most appropriate thing that matches our inner-intentions. BUT, if you have no intention in mind what do you think the Postman will deliver? You guessed right if you said a whole lot of nothing!

When I wanted to deliberately attract someone into my life, I needed to first identify my desire. I started with asking for a great relationship. But after realizing that we all want a great relationship I realized that I needed to get deeper and be more specific. I asked myself clarification questions such as “Why did I want a great relationship?”, “What does a great relationship mean to me?” and “What does a great relationship consist of?”.

Now I was ready for the second step in the manifesting process, feeding your desire.

Once you identify your desire the next step is to give your desire food. Food in the form of energy, and the most powerful form of energy you are capable of giving is your attention, energy, and focus. Make sure you are providing your energy and attention towards your best intentions and highest aspirations. Focus only on the positives and avoid dwelling on the negative “what if’s” of the situation.

In the world of manifesting, the quickest and surest way to manifest something undesirable is by using the words Don’t, Can’t, Not, & No. It is important to recognize that the reason for this is because the “postman” only knows how to deliver, that is it’s job. When you offer up “I don’t want a girlfriend that is boring, irresponsible, close-minded, etc…” you might as well have just said yes to all the above.

When you say “don’t” you might as well be saying you do! For example, tell your mind right now not to think of a purple penguin. How about telling your mind “not” to think of a pink polar bear. Did it work? Not likely. It’s pretty much impossible to program your mind to avoid manifesting something you tell it, unless of course, you tell it to manifest something that you do want.

Now you can see why it is so important to choose your words carefully! For my desired relationship I focused on defining the emotional attributes of a partner that I wanted. Personality, or the ability to carry on a conversation with ease. Responsibility, or the ability to take care of self and respond to lifes challenges. Open-minded to explore the possibility of new ideas. Compassionate, outgoing and cares for people.

I focused on these attributes and qualities regularly and especially whenever I felt lonely. I felt the emotion behind those characteristics and what it would feel like to experience them in a relationship. Each time I grew my belief that I was attracting my desires, the further I strengthened my ability to manifest them. Faith connects the unseen forces of your imagination and brings about your most emotionally charged intentions.

Now it is time for the third and final step, allowing your desire.

So far I have identified my desire and also given it food in the form of my attention. Allowing is all about moving past your fears and tapping into the power of belief. Napoleon Hill said “If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it”. Contrarily, if you can’t see it, don’t believe it, or both, then you probably won’t achieve it right? It doesn’t matter how vivid you can imagine something if you doubt that you can manifest it.

When you desire with doubt, it manifests so slow that you might as well think about manifesting something else. When you desire with hope, your intentions will also slowly manifest. However, when you desire with belief, it’s on it’s way to happening. Having a desire with the belief you can achieve it is the real secret to manifesting. Whatever you believe, with emotion, becomes your reality. This is your imagination at work.

Allowing is the faith that if you close one door another door of opportunity will open. The more you believe this the more you allow, and the quicker the things you want to see in your life will manifest. I was casually dating before I met my dream mate, and strongly desired to be in a great relationship instead of the cliched “friends with benefits”.

I realized I must let go and close the door in my current relationship, before I could hope to attract any new and potentially greater relationships into my life. A couple months after using the exact manifestation process I described I met my partner through non-traditional means, the Internet. I met most of my previous girlfriends through school, work, or mutual friends, so if you told me 3 years ago that I would meet someone special online I would have thought you were crazy.

I allowed her into my life by allowing the Postman to deliver my intentions regardless of how. I didn’t tell the post man that the package had to come at a certain time, in a certain wrapping, using a certain way, I only focused on all the qualities of a great relationship.

Today be more conscious about the thoughts you deliver with emotion, recognizing that they are indeed creating your future. James Allen said “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” Do you want to live more of the emotions that you are currently experiencing? If not, you may want to get serious with the simple 3 step manifestation process above.

So in recap, if you want to begin to deliberately manifest then you will have to focus on three things. Identify your desire, feed your desire, and allow your desire. Now you have a magic 3-step formula for manifesting anything that you can imagine. Today is your day. This minute is-your-moment. Manifest your destiny with your imagination!

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