Confessions of an Instant Manifestor

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Here is a short story about how fast my intentions were manifesting on this particular occasion. It was as if the whole thing played out like a movie, but perhaps it was all just a coincidence? How would you explain it? Read the story below and you be the judge. Be sure to comment and feel free to write me your opinion.

On this night I decided to go out on a late night drive. It was an absolutely beautiful night outside and perfect for driving with the convertible top open. I admit that was a little reluctant at first, not because of the weather, but only because I wanted to keep working. What eventually tipped the scales for me to get out there was that it was Saturday night.

After I left my garage and exited the alley I immediately spotted two white rabbits. Actually, they were a bit more brown than white at this time of year. Anyway, the point here is that whenever I spot a rabbit while driving I feel like it is a sign of reassurance that I am doing what I am supposed to.

I’ve spotted many rabbits in the 12 years since I started paying attention. Keep in mind around my city that spotting a hare isn’t that rare or odd in any way. These ‘Jack’ rabbits are in fact quite common where I live. But since I am free to create my own reality, I have chosen to regard crossing paths with rabbits as a symbol of fate. I view it as a reminder from the unseen that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Yes I realize that this association is completely fabricated and I don’t care. I had to consciously manufacturer this mental pay-off, but I feel the rewards I can barely describe are well worth it. I’ve been feeding this belief system now for over a dozen years.

On a side-note it is interesting to note that in one of my favorite movies, The Matrix, the main star ‘Neo’ is encouraged by another character named ‘Trinity’ to “Follow the White Rabbit”. Imagine you are me for a minute and you have already been following the white rabbit for years before this movie came out, and all of a sudden you hear that phrase symbolically used in one of your favorite movies. Yeah, I was pretty stoked to say the least!

The reality is that it makes me feel at peace, relaxed and in the moment, so how bad can this delusion be?Now no matter what my mental state is before I come across one the moment I recognize a rabbit on my route anywhere I feel content. Why not empower your imagination to be on the look out for earthworms, orange tabby cats, or whatever makes you feel good?

When I saw the two Rabbits I knew that I was meant to go for this late night drive. Since I knew I was “on purpose”, my thoughts turned to the thought that maybe there was some one ‘out there’ who needed me to be on this drive. I concluded by deciding that if I came across someone I would offer them my business card.

As I continued to drive down the street I came to the stop sign at the end of my block and was shocked to see a young girl on the sidewalk crying. Just 10 seconds ago I decided to help someone and now this girl? Was this a sign? I couldn’t be sure, it seemed a bit weird to manifest an intention so quickly… but since I like to err on the side of caution, I gave her my card and drove off.

As always, it feels good too give, even if it is to a random person. Sometimes kind acts from strangers can change people’s lives. In my case, she was very receptive to taking my card which made things easier. However even though I left with us both smiling, it wasn’t long before my ego had a word to say about it.

My ego started chirping all sorts of negative thoughts, among the noise it had me questioning whether or not I should have done that, I mean what kind of weird coach hands out their business card after midnight anyway? Thankfully my doubts were removed when I saw another rabbit on the next block over. I thought to myself as I spotted the second rabbit “wow! what a great story to tell my readers!”

As I was contemplating the composition of this blog post I had the thought of.. well, what else could top that?” I thought for a moment that maybe I should drive back home because the excitement and adventure for the evening had already manifested. Little did I know the most interesting was still yet to come!

Before the thought of what could top my night could leave my mind something caught my attention. I looked out at the night sky while driving and saw a shooting star travelling parallel above the car. It lasted at least a good one and a half seconds. While it was pretty exciting to see, what was even more interesting to see was the pattern on how quickly things were manifesting right before my eyes.

Continuing on my drive at the top of a hill I spotted a parked dark blue Ferrari, or so I thought… When I actually approached it and drove by I realized that instead it was a blue Nissan 300zx. However, as I verified the car model in my rear-view I approached a stop sign and had to yield to a real blue Ferrari. Keep in mind this was at 2:00am in the morning on an otherwise barren road!

I had enough, this was simply too coincidental to occur by chance. Two rabbits, a girl in need, a falling star and a Ferrari in under 20 minutes was hard to wrap my mind around. I am used to manifesting as a master manifester, but even with my level of belief it usually takes some time. The manifestations were instantaneous and in-sync with my intentions.

I don’t believe in coincidences and have never seen this many manifestations occur so quickly. At first I wondered if somehow I got transported to the Twilight Zone! Have you noticed your manifestations occurring more quickly lately? If you are still learning the process of manifestation how would you like to manifest more quickly? What would you manifest if you could manifest quickly? What are your thoughts and opinions about this story?


Hey cuz, I loved your story. It makes me wish I could spend more time talking to you in person. I’m so proud of the direction that you have manifested and taken in your life. My white rabbit is a lady bug on the golf course but I have been noticing more & more how we can manifest events in our lives. Did you stay out all night to see if it would keep happening? Luv, KK

Interesting story.So how can one manifest instantly?I’m pretty sure it’s possible.I remember the secret movie said you don’t want your thoughts manifest immediately but why not?If we can find on/off switch.Thanks for sharing.

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