Mental Makeover FAQ’s

What Is a Mental Makeover?

A Mental Makeover is a cutting edge coaching program where clients receive a combination of life coaching in conjunction with the use of an online journal.

How Does a Mental Makeover Differ From Traditional Coaching?

Traditionally most life coaches work with clients face-to-face, and a growing number of them now coach by telephone.  A recent and revolutionary development in the coaching industry has seen the rise of online coaching.

Online coaching in part responds to the frustrations that many have experienced with traditional coaching, and opens the door for a new generation of clients who might not otherwise have access to a coach.

New and innovative coaching such as via email and instant messaging are gaining popularity with people around the world, and now Your Imagination Coach is proud to offer the most cutting-edge transformational coaching program on the planet.

What Are Each of The Mental Makeover Coaching Programs About?

Each one of the Mental Makeover Coaching Programs differs in the type of material you work through and the focus of the coaching.  Each program is fairly self-explanatory, in terms of the result you can expect, however please find a more detailed description below:

10-Week “Awareness & Life Purpose”

Do you know why you are here?  Are you living your life purpose?  Do you know what you believe and why you believe it?  In this program you will understand your own unique “world-view” or “imagination blueprint” and learn how it is affecting your decisions, relationships, finances and level of success.

10-Week “Leadership Mastermind”

This mastermind format group program is for people looking to build upon their previous success. In order to participate in this program you must already have had a mental makeover. This course was designed for Mental Makeover graduates looking to network amongst peers, solidify their learning and take their results to the next level.

Who Is It For?

A Mental Makeover is for people looking to experience the full benefits of coaching, but are limited by either of the following:

  • LOCATION: You live in a location where there are no access to a coaches, or don’t have access to the coach or cutting edge material you would like to work with.
  • TIME: Your ability to commit time is limited by your current schedule and working hours. Our Mental Makeover Coaching Programs are the most robust and flexible coaching available.
  • FINANCES: If you find traditional life coaching a little on the expensive side, then getting life coaching in the form of a Mental Makeover is a much more affordable alternative.

How Does a Mental Makeover Work?

  • Each and every week you will be given a journaling prompt and/or exercise to complete at your convenience.
  • Each time you respond to a prompt it will automatically notify your Imagination Coach, who will then review your latest entry and provide the coaching guidance you need to breakthrough your self-limiting mental beliefs.
  • You are encouraged to Journal as often as possible, daily use encouraged even for just 2 minutes.  The more time you can devote the more transformational your coaching experience will be.
  • Your investment entitles you to as many coaching sessions as needed, the more you journal, the more feedback you will receive from your coach.
  • Program members are guaranteed to have a reply to their inquires and journals within 48 hours (excluding Sundays) and usually this response will happen within a few hours.
  • You also have unlimited email access for the duration of your coaching. This emergency access to your coach is (a $197 monthly value!) included as a bonus for all Mental Makeover members.
  • Lean on your coach to get your deepest, toughest and scariest questions answered. Russ will bring to bear all of his professional training and expertise to help guide you to your greatness.
  • We will work together every week and continue until your goal has been achieved or you no longer feel coaching is working for you.
  • From this point you can either finish there, continue with other Mental Makeover Coaching programs, or progress to more traditional coaching.

If you have any other questions or specifically about Mental Makeover Coaching please email Russ.

3 Simple Steps to Get Your Mental Makeover Started

A Mental Makeover is a fantastic, flexible, and low-risk way to receive the wonderful benefits of life coaching.  Here is how you can get started immediately:

1. Schedule your Mental Check-up online or, if it is more comfortable feel free to phone me to enroll.

2.  If you are eligible and qualify for the program, you will be directed to the payment page. After completing your investment you will be automatically directed to fill in your Online Coaching profile.

3. Each week, starting from the Monday after you have signed up, you will be prompted with powerful transformational questions and encouraged to undertake exercises that will help to provide mental clarity, focus and motivation.

Are you ready to recognize new possibilities and realize your true potential!